#MTSEMA18: Show Trucks Are Alive & Well at the Annual SEMA Show, But Why?

    10 Worst SEMA Trends

    Harry WagnerPhotographer, WriterBrian SumnerPhotographer

    While stacked lift blocks and dozens of chrome shocks seem to be a thing of the past, for some reason the show truck refuses to die. We saw more of these lifted-to-the-sky, barely drivable trucks at the SEMA Show this year than any time in the recent past. It is a clear sign of a booming economy when someone can take a brand new $70,000 truck and spend an equal amount to make it completely undrivable. It isn’t that we are opposed to modifying 4x4s. We understand that adding a suspension lift will increase drag and decrease mileage. And we know that bigger tires aren’t just more expensive—their larger diameter and increased weight tax brakes and axle components too.

    These are compromises that we are willing to make to gain increased trail prowess. Our flagship event, the Ultimate Adventure, is a perfect example of how different wheelers approach these compromises. At one end of the spectrum you might have somebody show up in a brand new milder build that is comfortable on the road but sometimes has to pull cable on the trail. At the other end of the spectrum you might have a full tube buggy with zero storage space that is a handful on the pavement but makes it up every optional obstacle with ease. But neither is putting appearance over functionality. That’s the difference.

    Without further ado, these are the top 10 face-palm-worthy items that we saw repeatedly at the 2018 SEMA Show. Please don’t do these things.

    1. Bedliner exterior

    2. Underglow lighting

    3. Powdercoated axlehousings

    4. Lifted dualies

    5. Aftermarket grilles

    6. Huge-diameter wheels

    7. Suspension components maxed at ride height

    8. Bluetooth drivelines

    9. Wheels that are wider than the tires

    10. Train horns