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More Than One Way to Shift a Transfer Case #FWOTY19

Lever, knob, or button

Ken BrubakerPhotographerHarry WagnerWriter

Shifting your transfer case into low range probably isn’t something that you spend much time thinking about, but there are actually several different ways to accomplish this. The simplest is a mechanical lever that passes through the floor and connects directly to the transfer case. This isn’t always possible though due to packaging constraints, and the hole in the transmission tunnel creates added road noise. As a result, electric actuators are controlled by buttons or knobs in many modern vehicles to operate the transfer case. No matter how they are controlled, as long as vehicles come with low range we will be grateful when we are on the trail!

Here’s a look at the transfer case actuation methods used on the vehicles in the 2019 SUV of the Year and Pickup Truck of the Year competitions.

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