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Ocean City Jeep Week

It’s a Jeep thing, but you understand

Melissa HowardPhotographer, Writer

It’s not just a Jeep wave. When we think about the Jeep community, we think family. If you see a Jeep broken down on the side of the road, there’s a good chance you will see another Jeep pulled over to help. That is the feeling we got at the 2018 Ocean City Jeep Week. Having attended the show for several years now, we were able to witness many reunions of friends with one common interest—Jeeps. Brad Hoffman, the man who makes the magic happen year after year, pulling off one impressive show after another, hosted another unforgettable Jeep family reunion. We watched as he made his way through the crowds of Jeeps, welcoming everyone personally; many admit to returning to the show every year because of the family feel of the show. From August 23-26, 2018, one of the largest family-friendly vacations for Jeepers on the East Coast was held in Ocean City, Maryland. After all, the best vacations are for relaxing, laughing with friends and family, eating good food, enjoying lazy days at the beach, and, of course, having some Jeep fun.

There were some new additions to the show that proved to be a huge hit in 2018. A sand course was added to the festivities. There’s something amazing about the moist and salty breeze, along with the warm rays of the sun, while driving your Jeep along a sandy obstacle course on the beach. A new off-road course was also added this year for Jeep Jam with some ambitious obstacles for even the highly modified Jeeps. The daily Jeep crawl on the beach each morning was the perfect way to start the day, and of course the show ’n’ shine and vendor show at the convention center were again favorites for Jeep lovers.

This ever-growing show is not one to miss. If you enjoy Jeeps, the beach, great food, lots of cool Jeeps and accessories, and the camaraderie of the Jeep world, this is the show for you. Be sure to check out the lineup for the 2019 Ocean City Jeep Week at oceancityjeepweek.com.