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Fullsize Trucks Crawl Through Secret Canyon

Big Is Beautiful

Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

There is no denying that Jeeps dominate the trails, at least in terms of sheer numbers. We aren’t certain whether it is because they come with solid axles, or you can remove the top, or the aftermarket makes every part imaginable, or some combination thereof. That doesn’t mean that a CJ or Wrangler is the only way to conquer the trail though. Many people are inclined to build something different as part of their off-road identity. We recently gathered with a collection of such people.

The group was made up entirely of fullsize trucks, half of which have graced the cover of this magazine. You could call them the Super Friends of off-road. All of the vehicles had 1-ton axles, the bulk of them had Offroad Design Doubler T-case setups, and most had at least 40-inch-tall tires. As a result, they didn’t have any issues in Secret Canyon, a trail more often traversed by downsized Jeeps and Toyotas. And this was in winter, when daylight was scarce and the temperature frigid. But these trucks all had enclosed cabs with functioning heaters and plenty of space for snow boots, blankets, thermoses, and more. Big really is beautiful!