Weather or Not: The 2018 Overland Expo East Rocked, Despite the Rain and Cold

    Weather or Not

    Mercedes LilienthalPhotographer, Writer

    The 2018 Overland Expo East brought travelers and off-road enthusiasts from around the East Coast (and beyond) to a very cold, soggy, and muddy part of North Carolina. There was gobs of rain, mud so deep it could swallow a shoe, and chilly mornings that blanketed the off-road rigs in frost. But even with the crazy weather, the Expo went on as planned.

    For 2018, Overland Expo East organizers relocated the annual event to the scenic Oskar Blues REEB Ranch, just south of Asheville, North Carolina. Vendors and off-road enthusiasts congregated there for the three-day weekend event, and the grounds were saturated with overland-centric vehicles, tents, gear, 4x4 testing grounds, and a large vendor area. Attendees exchanged stories, perused the cool overlanding gear and rigs, braved the muddy driving courses, and attended some of the many classes that were offered. The classes had something for everyone, including vehicle recovery, emergency preparedness, photography, shipping essentials, camp safety, and how to travel with a young family.

    If you want to experience an event where you can learn to travel the world (or even just your local area), or you want to check out cool overlanding rigs and camping/travel gear, then Overland Expo East is a must-see. For more information visit