Quintessential Moab #EJS2019

Hells Revenge Trail

Harry WagnerPhotographerVerne SimonsWriter

There may be no more purely Moab trail than Hells Revenge. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that if you have been to Moab to go four-wheeling and you haven’t done Hells Revenge, then you haven’t really gone four-wheeling in Moab.

Hells Revenge is always one of our favorite trails, with amazing vistas, obstacles to challenge just about any 4x4 rig, and more pure Utah-slickrock with climbs, twists, and descents than any other trail we can think of. We’ve done HR so many times that counting would be silly, but it’s a blast every time—the hundredth time is as exciting as the first.

The trail is found in the Sand Flats Recreation Area, just beyond and to the left of the pay booth on Sand Flats Road. The trail is always popular, but especially during Easter Jeep Safari when official and unofficial trail runs are held daily. When we are in Moab and have little else to do, Hells Revenge always offers excitement and entertainment. You can run the trail in a nearly stock 4x4 with low range, but lockers help and driver skill is a must.

Check out some amazing photos from our many trips up this trail during Easter Jeep Safari.