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2018 Moab Easter Jeep Safari: Baja Designs Night Run #EJS2018

We light up the night at AreaBFE

Jered KorfhagePhotographer, Writer

With the sound of a few switches flipping, it was like the sun had once again risen over Moab, Utah, even though it was late at night.

We spent Day 3 at the 2018 Moab Easter Jeep Safari anxiously waiting for dusk so we could make our way out to AreaBFE and play in the dark. For those who haven’t tried it, wheeling at night can turn even the tamest trail on its side, bringing to light (oh the puns) new challenges and scenery (namely the plentiful desert stars).

The folks at Baja Designs brought some of their newest tools for making dark trails not dark anymore. Amongst the lights we got play with were the new LP9s, XL Pros, and the XL80 lights. To top off the night, we illuminated the hills a couple American Football fields away with a demonstration of the Laser Light. Baja Designs told us that this light is still being tweaked, but the version we saw projected a laser beam of focused light farther anything else we saw that night. We cannot wait to test that out on the trails.

Once it was good and dark, we broke out onto AreaBFE’s trail system for a well-lit run through a few trails including Green Day. Read on to join us on this nocturnal adventure!