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Overland Adventure 2020 Day 3: Elevating the Fun—MASSIVE Gallery

We climb into Arizona's backcountry highlands

Coyotes chortled in the distance as the participants of Overland Adventure 2020 made their camps for the night and before long, the sun rose again over the mountains. Cattle plodded amongst the vehicles as steam swirled above coffee pots and breakfast skillets hissed and sizzled on camp stoves. Following the driver's meeting, we kicked off Day 3 of Overland Adventure 2020.

While the previous trail day snaked through desert canyons and dry riverbeds, Day 3 saw the convoy of vehicles climbing into higher elevations. In fact, this day on the trails would take participants to the highest points of the entire expedition. Mile after mile, we watched the towering Saguaro cacti slowly become Pinyon and Ponderosa pines.

The day's lunch stop was alongside the Verde river where a historic bridge stood guard over the sandwich making and snacks.

Following lunch, the group began the final push to the Gold King Mine. Vehicles with rear-facing dust lights put them to use in the silty red clouds that rose from the trails. Sunlight filtering through only added to the experience.

Gold King Mine sits on the side of a mountain overlooking the town of Jerome, Arizona, and it was where the Overland Adventure crew made camp for the night. Rooftop tents went up next to derelict International heavy haulers and mining equipment. Watching the sun set on the patina'd machines was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Day 4 of Overland Adventure 2020 will bring the convoy down from the mine and further into Arizona's sprawling backcountry. Follow along on fourwheeler.com as well as Four Wheeler's social media channels.