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Overland Adventure Day 2: Hitting the Trails!

And the trails hit back

We hit the dirt on Day 2 of Overland Adventure 2020 in a big way. The day began with the driver's meeting where our professional guide, Nena Barlow, and Ken Brubaker, editor of Four Wheeler magazine, greeted the group of eager faces and laid out the plans for the trail.

After dropping air pressure in vehicles' tires, coordinating radio frequencies, and assembling into a lineup, the group was ready to roll out. Passing by the "Pavement Ends" sign only fueled the excitement as the convoy dropped into a sweeping dry riverbed.

Canyon walls closed in on the line of 4x4s and before long the silty sand was overtaken with whatever water was left of the Hassayampa River. The rigs crossed the watered sections carefully and proceeded toward the canyon's exit, the most challenging part of the day.

Leaving the canyon could be accomplished any one of three ways, each more technical than the next—and this was no deterrence for the Overland Adventure crew. With lockers engaged, tires aired down and spotters at the ready, everyone climbed from the wash and back to the gravel above.

With Saguaro cactus and Ocotillo lining the trail, the rigs proceeded upward in elevation toward the town of Yarnell, Arizona. From there, it wasn't long before the convoy wended its way into camp to settle in for the night. Barbeque dinner was in store to quell everyone's appetites and the adventurers gathered to reflect on the day's happenings.

Day 3 begins at sunup which will take the crew further up in elevation and through more of Arizona's fantastic backcountry terrain. Follow along with the action from Overland Adventure 2020 on fourwheeler.com as well as Four Wheeler's social media outlets.