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#MTSEMA18 - Bitchin' Bumpers

4x4 Face Jewelry at SEMA

Bumpers run rampant at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Some are slim, flowing seamlessly with the body lines of the vehicle. Other bumpers resemble American Football helmets, fully encompassing the frontends of vehicles in multiple feet of heavy-duty metal.

Regardless of size, application, price, or gaudiness; we patrolled the halls of the 2018 SEMA show for the most noteworthy pieces of jewelery adorning the faces of 4x4s.

We can’t write about bumpers without mentioning Fab Fours and the Grumper—now available for common fullsize trucks, and the incoming JL Jeep Wrangler.

AEV Bumpers for Wranglers can match up smoothly with factory fender flares, or perform their duties just the same in a shorter, stubby size.

Addictive Desert Designs crafted a slim bumper for the ’Ram 1500, with room to spare for a lightbar and shackles.

N-Fab has a solution for the fronts of Toyota Tundras.

The steel bumper on the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison was built by AEV, and certainly fits the truck well.

This award-winning bumper from Steelcraft is ready for a winch, shackles, and a 20-inch lightbar.

Westin did not stop after mounting a bumper on the Ram 1500, the company also added an HDX LED Grille.