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Mud Life: SEMA 2013 Truck and 4WD Products for Chevy, Ford, Ram, GM

What Sin City & Trucks Have In Common, The SEMA Automotive Convention

We’re not really sure why we would have to explain to you what SEMA is, but in a nutshell SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association. The convention is held once a year at the start of November so manufacturers’ can launch new automotive products and vehicles. What does the acronym SEMA mean to you, probably nothing, but you should know that the fervid event is a slice of heaven for all things automotive—yeah that means trucks and truck parts! If you’re a real gearhead and like all things truck, tires, suspension, carburetors, fuel injection, nitrous, superchargers, tools, and high performance then you should like a glimpse into the largest automotive convention in the world. And hell, we don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to do a little window shopping for the latest truck parts and gadgets.

Not everyone can go to SEMA, which is a real bummer because we feel everyone and their buddies should experience the convention at least once in their lifetime. The massive shindig is mainly held for manufacturers, automotive related business owners, and the press. Somehow we fit into the mix and we’re supposed to relay what we’ve found to you! So here’s your glimpse into the glitz, glamour, and new parts.

Remember that trip you took to Vegas with your bro’s and the girls; the knock down drag out party time in a strange, but enticing city. Well, that’s what we do here in addition to a lot of ground pounding foot work, hand shaking, and learning what trick new automotive products will benefit the cool readers of Mud Life magazine. So if you don’t give a good hot damn about anything other than a bone stock Chevy, Ford, and Dodge then move on! There’s nothing here for you to see but hot tire girls, trucks, performance parts, parts to rebuild old parts, parts to build better parts, and parts that make those beat-up trucks and buggies go faster and perform better off-road!