Roxor Wins at King of the Hammers 2020: Jesse Haines and Justin Sexton Lead 4600 Class

    Diesel-power, leaf-springs, and solid-axles are a winning combination in the 2020 Every Man Challenge

    Jered KorfhageAuthorMahindraPhotography

    Can a Roxor win in the King of the Hammers 2020 Every Man Challenge? Jesse Haines put his diesel-powered, leaf-sprung, solid-axle machine to one heckuva test during the Every Man Challenge. This 143-mile race pitted stock-configured, mass-produced vehicles with minor modifications against one another, and the destructive landscape of the Mojave Desert.

    Roxor Qualifies for the Every Man Challenge

    During King of the Hammers week, the Every Man Challenge has some of the most restrictive regulations governing race vehicles. Rigs must have the factory engine, an unmodified frame, functional factory headlamps, factory transfer case (no auxiliary 'case or underdrive permitted), stock suspension configuration, and DOT-legal, 35-inch-maximum tires, among other qualifications.

    Jesse's modifications to the Roxor included beefing up the leaf-spring suspension, minor tweaks to the four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, and installing a pair of Trail-Gear Rock Assault 8-inch axlehousings with JHF portal axle assemblies. Because of tire size restrictions, the Roxor ran 35-inch Maxxis RAZR mud-terrains.

    Not Everyone Finished the Every Man Challenge Race, But Jesse's Roxor Did

    Of the 122 vehicles to leave the starting line, in the 4600 class, only 38 managed to complete the race course and cross the finish line. Haines credited the turbodiesel's reliability, torque, and efficiency at getting him and Justin Sexton through the race.

    "The first lap in the desert we knew that we were outgunned by more powerful vehicles with coil suspension," Haines confessed. "But the Roxor just never stopped chugging along."