Sickest Wheels Of Off Road Expo

    We found every style of wheel imaginable

    In recent years the number of companies making wheels has exploded. Wheels now come in every color imaginable. Some look good and some look downright horrible. Wheels can make or break the style of your build.

    We wandered around the Off Road Expo in Pomona looking at wheels of every size and color.

    Bronze is the new black. Bronze wheels are all the rage these days. We found almost every company had a version of Bronze wheels.

    RBP did not disappoint us with their selection of large wheels in extreme colors.

    Of course the color of the wheels should match the build color.

    This is an example of a classic, untouched old-school design style that continues to work.

    Red and Purple seem to also be popular colors.

    We found a lot of wheels that featured multiple colors, such as the outside rim painted one color and the inside of the wheel painted another.

    Whatever style of wheel you love or love to hate, we probably found it for you. Check out our “sickest wheels” gallery.