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St Lucie Mud Jam Day 1

Coverage from day 1 at St. Lucie Mud Jam.

Chris HamiltonPhotographer, Writer

Mud Life Magazine spent another intense weekend at the widely popular event known as St. Lucie MudJam . This 3-day party in the mud brought out some of the biggest trucks in the country and most of the hottest ladies too. This 500-acre property is located in Port St. Lucie FL. and was once again packed with thousands of spectators, racers, and mud lovers from all over the world. We even found some Canadian off-roaders that drove all the way down to Florida just to play in the mud. We saw $100,000 mega-truck riding side-by-side with beat down tractors and everyone got along great. Later this week will will be bringing you the top 10 rigs from this killer event but until then, here is part 1 of the event coverage. Part 2 of our pictorial will be up later this week at www.mudifemagazine.com! If you didn't make it out to the event don't worry there will be plenty more. Larry and Colleen Thomas are the event coordinators of the event and they have the mud game down to a science. We expect to see you at the next one! Check out www.saintluciemudjam.com for more event information and contact info.