Trucks Gone Wild Superbog 2014

    Florida Slingin’

    Ken BrubakerPhotographer, Writer

    We were somewhere near Tallahassee when we saw ‘em. The “’em” was mud trucks heading south toward the Iron Horse Mud Ranch in Perry, Florida, for the Trucks Gone Wild Superbog 2014. At one point, our little rental car was sandwiched fore and aft between a Ram on 44s and a Silverado on 40s. Music was blasting from both trucks and it was a party on wheels. It was only Thursday, the day before the official Superbog kickoff, but things were already spooled up.

    The Trucks Gone Wild Superbog boomeranged back to the Iron Horse Mud Ranch for the third year in a row in 2014, bringing with it the incredible 4x4 mud party we’ve all come to know and love. The weekend included a freestyle competition, Bounty Hole competition, a Saturday night band (JT Curtis and the Florida Scoundrels), and much more. Matt Steele, one of the mad scientists behind Trucks Gone Wild, estimates that there were well over 1,000 trucks on the grounds of the Iron Horse Mud Ranch. And speaking of the Ranch, if you’ve never been there you need to get there. This 520-acre facility is as legit as it gets. Five major mud holes and lots of camping space are some of the Ranch’s strong points. It’s also close to town so getting 4x4 parts isn’t a chore should the need arise.

    The Superbog action was incredible. One of the most riveting events was the huge Trucks Gone Wild World Freestyle Championship Event 2014. This event took place in an area specifically reserved for freestyle and it was ringed by spectators. Scott Green in the Sail mega truck took the win and also an award for an incredible save after almost going wheels-up. Out in the mud bogs it was controlled chaos as hundreds of rigs ranging from full-blown mega trucks to daily drivers threw down in the goo. The campgrounds were in full-on party mode.

    In the end, it was another Superbog for the record books. Those of you who were there know just how good it was, and those who weren’t there need to find out. We’ve collected a slew of photos for you to peruse, so enjoy. More info on Trucks Gone Wild upcoming events can be found at Info on the Iron Horse Mud Ranch is at

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