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Ultimate Adventure 2020 Video Episode 3 Is Live! #UA2020

UA Week is finally here on MotorTrend’s YouTube Channel December 7-11.

Ultimate Adventure 2020 video Episode 2 left us awakening at the tail end of a trail where we had set up camp at 8,500 feet elevation next to Montana's beautiful Caruthers Lake. Episode 3 of Ultimate Adventure 2020 picks up where we left off, scratching the dust out of our eyes and packing our gear to head back down the trail and on to adventures unknown. But first we overland through an abandoned mining ghost town called Comet, Montana. Then our meanderings take us over ridges to one of few places on earth where adventure seekers can drive through the Wickes Tunnel twice, a mile-long abandoned tunnel full of water, deep under the surface of a mountain, a place where most have never wheeled before.

Later the whole group changes routes on the fly because of an unexpected wildfire with help from our 2020 Ultimate Adventure Official Mapping Tool, onX Offroad. After another camping night of sleep the group then skirts an unexpected wildfire, and then precariously wheeled its way up the side of a mountain to do some high-elevation fishing and exploring before hitting the trail for more winching, rockcrawling, and shenanigans in southwest Montana near the town of Ennis.

Click Link for Episode 3 Here: