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Ultimate Adventure 2020 Video Episode 5 Is Live! #UA2020

UA Week is finally here on MotorTrend’s YouTube c channel December 7-11.

The final day of Ultimate Adventure 2020 really pulled out the stops in terms of trail difficulty, but not before the group spent some time doing some touristy stuff on the beautiful Iron Mountain Road with views of the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore. Then the group headed just outside of the town Keystone, South Dakota, aired down, locked hubs, engaged 4-low, and dropped into the Bikini Trail in the Black Hills Off Road Vehicle Area. This trail was a real blast and a true test of all the vehicles. In fact, before half the group had made it through the first obstacle, we had our first (but not last) flop of the trip from Jeff "Lay'er Down Right There" Ismail from IH Parts America, the UA Official IH Truck & Scout Parts. And, news flash the trail only got harder from there. Not to be deterred, we pushed over 20 vehicles through this world-class rockcrawling trail in a single day but not without excitement. Corby "I Can Break That" Philips from Warn, the Official Winch of Ultimate Adventure 2020, broke what we thought was unbreakable, and Ian "My Jeep Needs a Nap" Johnson from Four Wheeler TV, produced a slow flop. From there the adventure continues, giving a true look at why Ultimate Adventure lives up to the hype!

Click Link for Episode 5 Here: