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Annual Easter Jeep Safari and 2002 Ford Explorer - Off-Road Contents

18 35th Annual Easter {{{Jeep}}} {{{Safari}}}
Red Rock 4-Wheelers added another
event to their legacy
88 The Log Corral Trail
A canyon trek to Bartlett Lake
24 In With the Good Air
Boosting the airflow of GM's TBI
with PowerAid's helix spacer and
Alcone Engineering's airbox
34 EPEC Engine Adventure
{{{Ford}}}'s computer turns a raucous
race engine into a silky street motor
46 Long & Tall Super Duty
Installing {{{Explorer}}} Pro Comp's
6-inch lifted suspension on Ford's
2WD Super Duty
58 Hubzilla!
Installing Goldline Racing's
monster-strong {{{Toyota}}} hubs and
performance brake rotors
74 Electrickery
Building a stout off-road electrical
system with ProPower's 170-amp
alternator, {{{Optima}}} Yellow Top
batteries, and Moroso battery boxes
78 Air Assault
Suspension Innovation's '98-to-'01
{{{Ford Ranger}}} A-arm kit sets a new
standard in bolt-on A-arms
30 Road Test:
{{{2002 Ford Explorer}}}
Road-testing a brand-new Blue Oval
40 {{{Blazer}}} In Black
An '87 K5 that's far from extreme,
yet extremely capable
54 Blue Oval Flyer
A veteran OFF-ROAD journalist
teams up with Fabtech to build this
awesome SuperCrew
64 The Modern Image
Image is critical for this '01 {{{F-150}}}
70 White Lightnin'
A {{{Ford F-150}}} built to duel with
the desert
84 Green Hornet
{{{Baja}}} shop airs out its {{{Ranger}}}
4 Straight from the Jachmann
6 Off-Road Insider
12 New Products
16 Mailbox
93 Calendar
104 Readers' Wheels
106 Worst Stuck

On the cover: Fabtech's F-150 SuperCrew blasts through Barstow's OHV park. Photo by Randall Jachmann. See the story on page 54.