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Four Wheeling Techniques - Media Review

4 Wheeling Basics

Mark NoblesPhotographer, Writer

There exists a surfeit of videos on the market that show four-wheelers from around the country tackling trails and obstacles ranging from the simple to the extreme. But it is relatively rare to find a well-made video that focuses on showing beginning off-roaders the basic techniques and strategies that will make their time on the trail safer and more fun.

This is precisely what long-time four-wheeler Rick Russell concentrates on in his latest DVD, 4 Wheeling Basics. Making use of the Hummer off-road test facility in South Bend, Indiana, Rick walks his students through such subjects as four-wheel-drive components, climbing and descending hills, crossing ditches, and driving techniques for negotiating a wide variety of terrains.

Nearly an hour long, this video provides a great introduction to the off-road world, one that will give them the confidence and insight to pursue greater challenges somewhere down the trail.