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Yamaha Rhino - Alternatives - Off Road

Our Rhino Gets Added MPH And Self-Recovery Capabilities

Our Yamaha Rhino continues to amaze and delight us as we find new places to fit into and explore. One negative, though, is that the Yamaha Rhino's CDI has a speed limiter programmed into it that limits the Rhino's top speed to 40 mph, too slow for our tastes. Some owners have installed the CDI from the Yamaha Grizzly, which gets rid of the speed limiter but causes problems with the Rhino's dash display. Black Rhino Performance now offers the Rhino world its Stage 1 Performance CDI that eliminates the speed limiter and, after easy plug-in installation, allows the Rhino to average about 50 mph. While we didn't notice other performance gains with the BRP CDI, the elimination of the factory limiter makes a giant difference to real-world Rhino owners. Black Rhino Performance also offers an array of quality products for the Rhino. We'll be showing you more of them in future installments.

We have also found a great way to get up steep ledges or extricate ourselves from a jam while driving our Rhino. Yamaha offers an excellent 3,000-pound winch by Warn, along with either a multimount winch mount that allows the use of the winch front and back, or a regular hard-mount front winch mount. The winch includes a heavy-duty, 3,000-pound-capacity winch assembly and wired remote. It works very well and adds peace of mind on those solo off-road explorations.

As we said, the Yamaha Rhino is a blast to drive. It continues its trouble-free visit with us and allows us to explore places we couldn't get to in fullsize vehicles. It's also turned out to be handy around the house, as we're able to jockey trailers around, use the dump bed for landscaping chores, and so on. The OMF bead-lock wheels, Maxxis Bighorn radials, BRP Stage I CDI, and Yamaha/Warn 3,000-pound winch help it work even better than it did in stock form, enhancing our backcountry experiences.

Next, we'll show you the BRP Tuffy console, steering wheel, harness, and MasterCraft seats.