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2008 Yamaha Rhino 4x4 - Girl Rhino

Thinking Pink Has Never Been More Fun

James J. WeberPhotographer, Writer

We all know that off-road adventures, whether they are rockcrawling the Rubicon or blasting up Comp Hill in Glamis, are that much better when the entire family is having fun, and everyone has a toy to play with. While the boys get to go out in their custom UTVs and sand cars, the girls have typically stayed at camp or ridden generic and stock UTVs, bikes, or similar toys. Seeing a need to alter this trend, Black Rhino Performance (BRP) has built this customized '08 Yamaha Rhino 4x4 UTV that has a touch of the feminine persuasion to it.

"Building a UTV with this theme has done, and will continue to do, numerous things within the off-road community, including giving the women in the family a vehicle that they can truly call their own and not have to worry about their husband or boyfriend stealing it after they have broken their own toy. (We all know has happened on more than one occasion. You guys know who you are!) It also adds a new sense of style within the industry, and I think truly makes women, in general, feel as though they are welcomed in it," says David Dahm, creative director for Black Rhino Performance. We couldn't agree more Dave!