2009 Polaris Ranger XP - Polaris Done Jagged X Style

    A Custom Ranger & Chase/Haul Chevy

    Jay KopycinskiPhotographer, Writer

    For 2009, Polaris re-engineered the venerable Ranger UTV that has been in production for some number of years. Upgrades to the Ranger XP include tilt steering, new seating, and new exterior styling. The older Ranger models used a McPherson strut front suspension while the new Ranger offers dual A-arm adjustable front suspension. Out back, the rear suspension is independently adjustable starting this year.

    Jagged Extreme is an off-road supplier and customizer in Phoenix, Arizona, and owned by Bill Schuler and his two sons, Brandon and Justin. Part of their passion includes supplying parts, accessories, and custom work to Side-by-Side enthusiasts. They are also an aftermarket product developer that works with the Polaris factory to create upgrade components for Polaris UTVs for sport, trail, and race use.

    This past spring they received a pre-production Ranger XP to study and develop into something a little more unique. Their goal was to take a competent stock UTV and transform it into a vehicle that was more eye-catching and performance oriented.

    The crew at Jagged X have a history of working with UTVs, building go-fast types, race rigs, and weekend trail runners. They wanted to take the stock Ranger XP and turn it into a highly capable trail runner able to tackle most any type of terrain in comfort.

    To start, the engine and drivetrain were left essentially stock, but the suspension was upgraded to increase ground clearance, track width, and clearance. Jagged X fabricated its own suspension arms and added Elka coilovers to control the longer travel suspension, while maintaining ride comfort for the occupants.

    The crew caged the Ranger for safety, added some even nicer seating and lap belts, and then accented it all in red paint and powder-coat. Add in some functional accessories and you end up with the well appointed looker splashed across these pages.

    When it came time to choose a way to haul its UTVs, Jagged X had a couple of trailers, but wanted something a bit more unique, with the ability to go almost anywhere they needed for race pit duties or for weekend fun. They chose to build up a customized 2005 Chevy 3500 Duramax that's outfitted with a utility bed stocked with tools and spares. The Jagged X-Polaris Racing truck is also equipped to haul a UTV on top of the bed.

    We like the crafty combination, which is both highly functional and sharp looking to boot!

    VEHICLE: 2009 Polaris {{{Ranger}}} XP
    OWNER: Jagged X, Phoenix, AZ
    BODY: Stock
    ENGINE: 700cc parallel twin EFI
    DRIVETRAIN: CVT w/ two-speed transfer case
    FRONT SUSPENSION: Custom Jagged X, Elka Elite coilovers
    REAR SUSPENSION: Custom Jagged X, Elka Elite coilovers
    STEERING: Factory rack, custom Jagged X chromoly tie rods
    BRAKES: Four wheel hydraulic disc
    TIRES/WHEELS: Maxxis 27-inch Bighorns on OMF aluminum beadlocks
    INTERIOR: Custom seat by Jet Trim, DJ Safety lap belts
    OTHER PARTS: On-board air, auxiliary lighting
    VEHICLE: 2005 {{{Chevrolet}}} 3500
    OWNER: Jagged X, Phoenix, AZ
    BODY: Four-door with Utility Bed
    ENGINE: Duramax 6600 6.6L turbo-diesel
    DRIVETRAIN: Allison 1000 automatic, Factory rear locker
    FRONT SUSPENSION: Rancho 4" suspension lift
    REAR SUSPENSION: Rancho 4 with Firestone Airbags
    STEERING: Stock
    BRAKES: Stock
    TIRES/WHEELS: Toyo 33" MTs/Robby Gordon 17 Street Locks
    INTERIOR: Stock
    OTHER PARTS: Custom rear rack with lighting and full race-support gear, on-board air, generator, welder, power inverter, etc.