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The Pit - September 2013 - Editorial

A Message From The Editor

Kevin McNultyWriterStaffPhotographer

We are excited as heck about a few new changes to Mud Life. The magazine is now easier to obtain and read because of our new digital format! We have noticed that a lot of you fans are some of the most high-tech computer-literate folks around. For example, a lot of you are using your smartphones to post on our Facebook page. Our Facebook numbers are off the charts compared to other off-road magazines. Mud Life's Facebook page was created a little under two years ago and its Likes and Shares have already surpassed all off-road titles except the largest. But we are catching up to that magazine, and we suspect that in a few short months our popularity and numbers will surpass it.

Our new digital format allows you technologically adept people to subscribe to Mud Life magazine on iPad, (iNewsstand app for other Apple devices), the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Barnes and Noble Nook, Google Play, and Zinio, which is an app available for phones, tablets, and computers. So if you live in some of this great country's rural areas and are having trouble finding Mud Life on the newsstand then click on our webpage or Facebook to subscribe (www.mudlifebrand.com, www.facebook.com/MyMudLife). You won't miss an issue and can now view the pages of the magazine in a high-resolution digital format; at least it's high-res compared to magazine print.

We are also working on a new website, which should make your interaction with us easier and greater. The new website is still in the development phase but scheduled to launch July 30 (the day this issue goes on sale), so we'll keep you posted when it's up and running.

We're really proud of the popularity and success of Mud Life, especially since it has the greatest mud event and racing coverage around. We're also getting excellent feedback on the cool projects we've been working on. Our plan to get you folks building your own rigs is working! Art Director/Associate Editor Chris Hamilton not only has his hands full with his usual office chores, but he is busier than ever picking up every project vehicle he can get his hands on. He has been hard at work with the always-cool White City Boyz on Project F-1Filthy. On top of that, he has now picked up a swamp buggy, a 7.3L F-250, an '06 Wrangler (LJ) for a weekday driver and weekend mudder (since a lot of you are one- and two-truck families), and an E-Z-Go mud cart. Our buddy Ricky B is busy covering mudfests, parties, and the racing side of the mud life. As always, if there is anything we are missing or an event you would like to tell us about, email me and we'll get right on it.

We'll see you out there . . .

Kevin McNulty

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