1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited - 1999 Of The 4x4 Year

    Previous 4x4 of the Year Winners
    1983 {{{Chevrolet}}} S-10 {{{Blazer}}}
    1984 {{{Jeep Cherokee}}} (2.8L engine)
    1985 {{{Isuzu Trooper}}} II
    1986 {{{Ford Ranger}}}
    1987 {{{Nissan Pathfinder}}} (two-door)
    1988 {{{Jeep}}} {{{Cherokee}}} (4.0L engine)
    1989 {{{Toyota}}} pickup
    1990 {{{Nissan}}} {{{Pathfinder}}} (four-door)
    1991 {{{Dodge Dakota}}}
    1992 {{{Chevrolet Blazer}}} (fullsize)
    1993 {{{Jeep Grand Cherokee}}} Laredo
    1994 {{{Dodge Ram 1500}}}
    (V-8 shortbed regular cab)
    1995 {{{Dodge Ram 2500}}}
    (V-10 longbed Club Cab)
    1996 Jeep {{{Grand Cherokee}}} Laredo
    (with center diff lock)
    1997 {{{Jeep Wrangler}}} Sport
    1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
    (5.9L V-8)
    1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
    Test Structure
    Category Ranked
    RIDE & DRIVE—30% of total points
    •Urban {{{Dakota}}} & {{{Tundra}}}
    •Highway {{{Suburban}}}
    •Dirt or gravel fire roads {{{Tahoe}}}
    •Sand Tundra
    •Rockcrawling Ram
    •Hillclimbing Tundra
    •Braking quality Tundra
    Overall Suburban
    EMPIRICAL—25% of total points
    •Torque/weight ratio Tundra
    •1¼4-mile acceleration Dakota
    •60-0 braking VehiCROSS
    •Load-carrying capacity Suburban
    •Miles per gallon {{{Montero}}}
    •Price as tested {{{Xterra}}}
    Overall Xterra
    MECHANICAL—15% of total points
    •Engine’s available power Dakota
    •Transmission {{{Frontier}}} & Xterra
    •4WD/low-range engagement Dakota
    •Steering Dakota
    •{{{Fit}}} and finish VehiCROSS
    •Drivetrain performance Dakota
    Overall Dakota
    INTERIOR—15% of total points
    •Ergonomics Suburban
    •Appearance, fit and finish Suburban
    •Appointments Suburban
    •Perceived noise level Suburban & Tahoe
    Overall Suburban

    EXTERIOR—15% of total points
    *Body styling Ram
    *Cargo Excursion
    *Four-wheeling attributes Ram
    *Fit and finish Tundra
    Overall Ram