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2003 Hummer H2 - Drivelines

On The Road With...2003 Hummer H2Tired of thinking of everything yourself? Whenever you have one less thing to build, fix, pack, or buy, life becomes a whole lot easier. For those who are "affluently enthusiastic" about off-roading and wish to get themselves into the rough quickly, AM General's brand-new Hummer H2 means that you are good to go. We gave you a first look in our Nov. '01 issue, but the Hummer was recently introduced to the public at the Detroit Auto Show in January. With 325 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque, the GM Vortec 6000 V-8 cast-iron block with aluminum cylinder heads and sequential fuel injection will pretty much power up anywhere you'd want to go. But that's not all of the whirlwind differences between the older H1 and its young sibling. The biggest change between this Hummer and its older brother is its size. The H2 is built on its own unique chassis, which gives this 122.8-inch wheelbase 7 inches more than another sibling, the Tahoe. Yet the H2's overall 189.8-inch body length is 9 inches shorter than the Tahoe, thus willing itself to wildly severe approach and departure angles. Here's more:

Features Details
Vortec {{{6000}}} A Vortec 6000 V-8 and new heavy-duty 4L65-E four-speed automatic
V-8/4L65-E overdrive transmission. The Vortec 6000 generates 325 hp and 385
lb-ft of torque. GM powertrains new heavy-duty version of the
4L60E is only found behind 6.0L engines.
Borg Warner A new powertrain-integrated Borg-Warner two-speed electrically
44-84 controlled full-time 4WD system. It is capable of reducing the
vehicle's gear ratios by 2.64:1 when necessary for highly controlled
obstacle climbing. It provides a 40/60 percent front-to-rear torque
split in High Open when the center differential is unlocked, and a
50/50 front-to-rear power split when the transfer case differential
is locked. The transfer case electronic control provides five mode
selections, including a position to control rear axle differential lock,
to provide optimum performance under all types of driving conditions.
Bosch ABS/ A highly developed Bosch four-channel antilock braking/traction
Traction Control control system (ABS/TCS). In addition to providing optimum control
on slippery surfaces, the ABS can detect and adjust its braking
capabilities to rough off-road surfaces like gravel and potholes. The
TCS also provides new-for-GM capabilities, including the ability to
gain traction through a single wheel if necessary. A new feature
controlled through a separate driver control switch is the TC2
function. This provides for more wheel slip in the traction control
mode for sand and desert running conditions.
4.10 Gears A standard 4.10 axle ratio, combined with the transmission's deep
First-gear ratio and transfer case low-range gear reduction,
provides an excellent 33:1 crawl ratio for very slow, controlled,
high-torque rock and obstacle climbing capability. Trailering
capability of up to 6,500 pounds is an added benefit.
Beefy Control Higher strength rear axle arms and a high-strength {{{911}}}/42-inch AAM
Arms 14-bolt complete the added drivetrain strength package.
Track Width An extremely wide tread. {{{H2}}}'s 69.4-inch tread, with wheels truly
  positioned at the extreme corners, provides extra stability on-road
  and helps prevent lateral tipping off-road.
Features Details
Extended A long wheelbase. H2's 122.8-inch wheelbase is almost 7 inches
Wheelbase longer than a Chevy {{{Tahoe}}}, while its overall 189.8-inch body length
is 9 inches shorter. On-road, the long wheelbase helps smooth out
the ride; off-road, it helps prevent pitching in rough terrain.
Approach and Extremely short overhangs, including a 32.6-inch front overhang
Departure Angles and 34.6-inch rear overhang. The short overhangs provide high
  approach and departure angles, allowing the {{{H2}}} to drive right into a
  hole and out again without getting hung up in front or rear. These
  approach and departure angles are the highest of any GM fullsize truck.
Modular Frame A fully welded ladder-type frame with a modular, three-piece design
that incorporates a number of hydroformed (formed with water
under high pressure, which allows steel to retain more of its
strength through the manufacturing process) components, for
outstanding strength, stiffness, and dimensional accuracy.
Belly Protection Rock-defying underbody protection, which helps define H2's
uniquely rugged character and enhance its performance
characteristics. It includes large, thick skidplates; an undershield
for the fuel tank; totally unique, chassis-bolted steel rocker panel
protectors; a protective shield for the optional on-board air
compressor, and mud flares that run up, around, and over wheels.
IFS/Five An independent front torsion bar and five-link coil-spring or
Link Rear airbag rear suspension, providing excellent on-road ride comfort
and control and a high degree of strength, control, and rear-axle
articulation off-road. Its solid rear axle provides durable sure-
footedness, particularly in tight off-road situations.
Air Spring Options A new optional self-leveling rear air spring suspension system
  tuned to H2's severe off-road requirements included in the off-
  road suspension package.
Adjustable Seats Comfortable seats with standard eight-way power adjustment for
the front seat cushions and backs, and a standard memory
feature for the driver's seat that allows two drivers to select and
set their preferred positions, using key fob buttons or controls in
Features Details
the driver's door panel. Cloth covering is standard; leather,
optional. With the leather seats, front occupants also get heated
seat backs and cushions with three temperature settings, and
second-row occupants get heated cushions. 60/40 second-row
seats that can also be folded and an optional third-row seat that
can be folded and/or fully removed to provide more space.