2001 Ford Excursion - Redefining “Dirty”

Jason's Built Ford

Ricky B. WilsonPhotographer, Writer

If you’ve been to a mud event in Georgia or Florida, I can almost guarantee you know of this sick two-tone blue and white Power Stroke Diesel Excursion. I can bet you’ve seen it rollin’ around with the baddest of the diesel mega trucks, usually in the company of Club Mud crew and the always ballin’ Dirty Dave Customs built rigs. You’ve also probably noticed it yankin’ the crap outta stuck rigs just to brag about the competitive brand trucks he’s been able to drag. Most importantly, we’re positive you’ve seen the multitude of chicks in bikinis hanging all over the truck everywhere it goes. In all honesty you’ve probably witnessed groups of hot girls going twerk team dancing on the Excursion’s roof!

The rig was built for the sole purpose of showing off. We’ll tell you firsthand, it straight works in a notoriously almost precision-tuned fashion. If you can call the art of gaining the ladies’ attention “precision-tuned,” the owner of this truck has it down to a science. Jason Lathrop’s a legit dude, anytime I’m at an event with Jason we are throwin down at some point or another. Whether I’m rollin’ round with him in the Excursion looking for action or helping out our mutual buds at Club Mud and their sick parties, the truck works! The Excursion has even been in two music videos, for Bottleneck and The Lacs.

Jason is an HVAC contractor from Callahan, Florida, and like most of us he started out in the mud on four-wheelers as a kid. The interest grew from there. At one point he had a daily-driver F-250 on 40s. Soon after he caught wind of the Trucks Gone Wild events he built his first true mud truck: a big-block F-150 on 14.9s. It didn’t take long before he got the itch for a diesel mega truck. With the help of a bunch of folks he put together the sick Excursion you see today.

The rig is an ’01 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel with a custom paint job and a pretty hard-knocking sound system—it has an Edge tuner. An SCS 4.7:1-ratio Monster Gear gearbox pushes the power and torque to the 5-ton Rockwell axles, all rolling on a set of 23.1 Firestone R2s. They welded up the rear 5-ton for a little more traction. The guys also subframed and four-linked the suspension and threw some FOA coilover shocks on all four corners to smooth out and control the ride. Jason says the truck is solid as is, and we can attest to that. It has def’ been beat on, but Jason says he would like to install high-flow injectors and a Garret Ball Bearing Turbo on it in the future.

Jason wanted us to throw in a few shoutouts for him here. He says a ton of people put their time and hard-earned money into helping him make this thing the rolling definition of dirty that it is today. He would like to thank: All Pro Automotive, both Mike the owner and his son MJ; Boes Auto Repair; Morrie West for the paint job; Longs Wheels; SCS Gearbox; Dirty Dave at Dirty Dave Customs; RJ Customs; East Coast Motorsports for the stereo work; Advanced Towing; Mark and Deede at All Pro Trailers for the trailer he hauls on; and last but not least Club Mud.

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