1977 Ford F-150 - Pink Fords Rule!

    Allie Bosak & Her Built Pink Truck

    Ricky B WilsonWriterMichele NacePhotographer

    If you’ve ever been to Yankee Lake in Ohio we know you have seen Allie. If you didn’t know her name at the time, you’d know of her from either running her truck, hanging out in the mix of big-name drivers, or helping to run the various competitions and events from time to time. Heck, you could be totally out of the mega truck scene but still might know her from the times she has repeatedly competed in the renowned Miss Yankee Lake Truck Night Competition. Oh, and she just happened to kill it this year, placing in the finals and getting crowned the 2013 champion. Yankee Lake is her main wheelin’ spot, but every Friday that she can get free she also hits the fairs and smaller bogs.

    Allie is from Youngstown, Ohio, and is a pharmacy technician, a profession she jokes of as a “legal drug dealer.” She got into the whole off-road and truck scene as a kid thanks to her grandpa. She tell us that every chance they got, they would head anywhere that had something to do with trucks. She also gives credit to the fact that she wouldn’t be where she is today without the support of her grandma Shirley, her late grandpa Allan, and her aunt Debbie. Allie says they support everything she does no matter what.

    Allie’s mega truck is a ’77 Ford F-150 with a 468ci big-block under the hood. It sits on 2 1/2-ton TopLoader Rockwells, and she has two sets of tires for the truck depending on the events she’s competing in. Her choice for competition and play is set of DOT 44-inch Swampers or a set of 16.9-26 V-tread tractor tires. She feels like the truck’s setup is fine as it sits now; to her, all that matters is that it gets back on the trailer after every run—then she’s happy.

    Allie says, “I guess the most interesting thing is not only the fact that I’m a girl that drives a mega truck, but it’s a man’s world and I love competing in it. I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the trucks, and I don’t take s#*t from anyone. I may look sweet an innocent, and I can be, but don’t piss me off!”