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1972 Chevy Blazer - Krazy K5

Direty Dare Does It Again

Chris HamiltonPhotographer, Writer

A few issues back you may remember that we took a trip down to Miami to hang out with the Dirty Dade County Crew. These mega truck junkies kept telling us about a ’72 Chevy Blazer that was under construction at Manny Vilaverde’s shop in South Miami. They told us it was going to be one nasty K5 Blazer fully built for muddin’. After checking it out in person we would have to agree.

Once we got the call from Trevor Daniels that the Blazer was finished and ready to hit the woods, we packed our cameras and hauled ass to Miami before the rig got covered in mud. By the time we made it to Dade County the apple pie moonshine was flowing and the pulled pork sandwiches were prepped. These guys definitely know how to have a good time while building badass trucks. We are told Manny is the brains behind the operation, but it’s the enthusiasts like Crazy Larry who keep the industry around here moving in the right direction.

Larry and some good friends crafted a plan to build this stunning rig using his old Blazer and a chassis off a mega truck that was wrecked at a previous event. A complete full-body restoration and an all-new suspension is the only way Manny said he would build it, and Crazy Larry had no problems that. So the Blazer was stripped down to bare bones, leaving the factory chassis and motor behind. The original body panels were sent to Chino’s Ink in Miami for some minor bodywork before being shot with a cream-colored PPG paint.

With the body of the Blazer at the paint shop, it was the perfect time to bring in the Southern Kustoms–built chassis for inspection and maintenance. Since the truck was rolled before Larry bought the chassis, it was important for the boys to check for damage, cracks, and bent rails. They were extremely impressed when they found nothing wrong with the welds or the powdercoating. The King coilovers and 24-inch drop gearbox were like new. The Ouverson chromoly axleshafts were still straight as an arrow. Once they were confident in the structural integrity of the chassis, Manny bolted on the new 26x18 Plan B Fab wheels and 18.4x26 Firestone tires before focusing on the powerplant.

A 502ci Chevy V-8 big-block motor and a FTI two-speed Powerglide transmission were dropped into the engine bay for power. Wilwood pinion brakes were added to each axle so the rig will stop when they tell it to. Once the body was back and lifted onto its new frame, it was clear that they had a winning combination.

The last area the guys worked on was the interior design and the audio system. These Miami boys love their loud music, so Audiopipe Electronics in Miami installed a ton of high-end stereo equipment to fill the cab. The cool seats were sent directly from Recaro in Germany to the upholstery shop for the blue vinyl color matching, while JaunkyBuilt in Miami wired up the electronics.

With the rig complete the guys are hitting the biggest events and mud holes in Southern Florida. Crazy Larry and Manny would like to give a huge shout out to their loyal friends and followers for all the physical and mental support they provided. These projects always take longer than expected and cost much more than anticipated, but it’s all worth it in the end. Larry’s Blazer will be destroying the mud pits at Redneck Yacht Club, L-Cross, MudJam, and a ton of other South Florida parks so keep an eye out for this Krazy K5 and the crew from Dirty Dade County.