Prepping For An Off-Road Adventure - Good To Go

Avoiding the Last Minute: A Semi-Comprehensive Guide

Kevin BlumerPhotographer, Writer

Off-road adventures are enjoyable. Prep and packing are not. It’s easy to put off prep and packing until the last minute. If that describes you, too, now you know you’re not the only one.

How do you avoid last-minute packing and prep? You avoid it by having a vehicle that’s prepped in advance, and camping and personal gear that’s ready to load at a moment’s notice.

Fortunately, keeping your trail rig and your gear ready doesn’t have to be an expensive project. You might need to purchase or fabricate some storage containers or brackets, but most of the strategies presented here won’t break the bank.

If you keep your rig good to go, it’s a lot more fun to skip town when you get the chance.

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