1991 GMC Jimmy - Radio Flyer

    Real Fab K5

    Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

    In case you haven’t noticed, the line between trail trucks and prerunners has been blurred. The majority of trucks built these days are designed for multi-purpose use as more guys realize their off-road needs are not just limited to rocky trails or going fast on dirt roads, but an amalgamation of various terrains that stand in their paths. Why not have a vehicle that can do it all? And that’s why Carlos Sanchez’s K5 Jimmy was designed by Real Fabworkz to tackle any type of terrain.

    Built entirely out of chromoly by Juan Real and Jason Turner at Real Fabworkz, Dr. Sanchez’s 1991 GMC Jimmy is a true multi-day adventure truck. Where prerunners cannot go, the Jimmy forges ahead. What trail trucks will take half a day to cross, this 664 horsepower supercharged Jimmy can do in half an hour. This go-anywhere K5 is at the apex of the best concepts of desert and trail construction, combined to make a truck that can spend all day on trails and crossing deserts, while still being able to pull onto the highway and head home after the fun is done.

    We had the chance to meet up with Dr. Sanchez and his brother (on his birthday, no less) with the Real Fabworkz and Redz Performance crews in attendance to make sure we got some of the best shots we could for the magazine. The photoshoot finally ended with a final jump that made our cover, but also left the Blazer with a broken knuckle and wasted pitman arm. No one can ever say that the owners of OFF-ROAD’s featured vehicles don’t push themselves and their trucks.

    Vehicle: 1991 GMC Jimmy
    Owner: Carlos Sanchez
    Chassis: Stock frame with 1.75-inch 0.120 wall chromoly tubing TIG-welded everywhere
    Engine: 664hp LS 6.2L with Kenne Bell supercharger and LS9 camshaft, built by Redz Performance and tuned by Speed Sports
    Transmission/Transfer Case: Hughes Performance TH350, NP241 T-case
    Front Axle: 10-Bolt front with major trussing, chromoly axleshafts
    Rear Axle: Custom fabbed housing, Currie third member, 35-spline axleshafts, 3.70:1 gearing
    Front Suspension: Real Fabworkz radius arm suspension with 1-inch uniballs and 1.25-inch FK rod ends, 14-inch-stroke King 2.5 coilovers and King 3.0 external bypass shocks, King 2.5 bumpstops
    Rear Suspension: Real Fabworkz trailing arm four-link with 1-inch uniballs and 1.25-inch FK rod ends, upper 1.75-inch links with 1.25 FK rod ends, 14-inch-stroke King 2.5 coilovers, 16-inch-stroke King 3.0 external bypass shocks, King 2.5 bumpstops, BMS sway bar
    Steering: Chromoly tie rod and draglink, King 2.5 steering stabilizer
    Brakes: Disc brakes at all four corners
    Tires/Wheels: 35x12.50R15 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2s on TrailReady beadlocks
    Interior: Fiberwerx dash, Mastercraft 3G seats, Mom steering wheel, Winters performance shifter, AutoMeter ES Series gauges, Lowrance GPS
    Exterior: Autofab fiberglass fenders and rear panels
    Other Parts: Real Fabworkz quick-release jack mount, 44-gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell, 30-inch and 50-inch LED bars, CO2 tank in rear