2013 National Throttle Kings Champions Trucks

    Warrior, Singer Slinger & Devils Reject

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    Shawn P. Goodeaux
    Warrior and Singer Slinger

    What you do for a living?: I am an industrial contractor, cattle rancher, and entrepreneur in Louisiana.

    What got you into the off-road scene?: Originally back around 1981 I had a ’73 K5 Blazer with a 454ci big-block and a 12½-inch lift rollin’ around on 44-inch Gumbo Mudders. I literally would drive this truck to work, to school, and then 80 miles away to a mud bog. Mud bogging has always just been part of who I am.

    What are some events you’ve been to this year?: This year I’ve been to quite a few places: Mud Truck Madness in Louisiana twice, also the Louisiana Mudfest, the Zwolle Tamale Festival, West Georgia Mud Park four times, Twitty’s Bog in S.C. four times, went to BamaJam, Slo Poke in Georgia, and Iron Horse and Bithlo in Florida.

    Truck Specs
    Warrior: 1,500hp, 540ci big-block Chevy motor built by Shane Lejeune Race Engines, JW Performance TH400 transmission, SCS gearbox, 2½-ton Ouverson Violator axles, Dan Patrick sway bars and nitrogen shocks, Superior Traction 11.32 pizza cutter tractor tires on custom Dirt Road Performance wheels.

    Singer Slinger: 540ci blown and alcohol-injected big-block Chevy motor, JW Performance TH400 transmission, Pro Fab 23-inch dropbox, 2½-ton axles, Dan Patrick sway bars and nitrogen shocks. The snorkel system and wheels are Shawn’s custom designed “Singer Slinger” built with Titan 14.9-28 R2 SPEC tractor tires.

    Anything you want to change about the trucks?: Add more horsepower.

    Sponsors/shout-outs: A shout-out to my two daughters, Brittney and Aimee. Sorry I’m spending your inheritance!

    Race Truck Throttle King Champion Three Years Running
    Windle Skipper
    Devils Reject

    What you do for a living?: I own and operate Southern Custom Motorsports. We do everything from custom metal fab, rollcages, sheetmetal, suspension work, custom axles, gears, and custom chassis to complete race-ready rides. We are a complete “one stop chassis shop,” but we can build anything the customer wants really. We have built several world-record-setting race chassis for customers, and of course the Devils Reject truck we built has now won three consecutive Throttle King National Championships in a row.

    What got you into the off-road scene?: It was definitely four-wheelers as a kid. I started modifying and upgrading mine for the mud more and more. Once I got my license and a truck, it all took off from there. I eventually found my way into Hill N Hole racing and I still do it, but my favorite tracks are obstacle courses.

    Devils Reject Specs
    ’98 fiberglass Chevy S-10 truck body, chromoly chassis, fuel injected big-block Chevy, TH400 trans, Profab transfer case, custom sheetmetal axles with aluminum 9-inch centers, Fox coilovers and bumpstops, and tons more.

    Anything you want to change about it?: It could always use a bigger motor. I also want to build a mega-truck-based setup if I can ever find some spare time around the shop, but being busy is definitely not a bad problem to have.

    What are some events you’ve been to this year?: As always, I went to Dennis Anderson’s in N.C. for Trucks Gone Wild, Gumboro Mud Bog in Delaware, Hog Waller in Florida, BamaJam, Thunder Valley in S.C., and also the Peach Festival in S.C. I also hit up Redneck Yacht Club in Florida and Mud Truck Madness in Louisiana.

    Sponsors/shout-outs: I want to thank Jessie at JC Automotive for giving me one hell of a motor and all his help. The motor he built has been in the truck four years now. I never changed the spark plugs and never checked or adjusted the valves. All I’ve done was change the oil every now and then and kept hammering on it.

    Not only that, but we finally tore it down after the Throttle King Finale this year just to check over. All the internals looked brand new after four years of running it wide open. It definitely is a tribute to his engine work. I also want to thank Carolina Driveline for my driveshafts. They’ve been supplying my driveshafts for seven years now, and I have never had a single failure.

    I also want to thank Atlantic Coast Converters for taking care of all my transmission and converter needs, and Don at Myrtle Beach Body Work for keeping the truck looking topnotch.