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1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ - MissToolBox.com

She Can Build It, Break It, and Fix It

We run across some of the most fascinating people in this industry. Stephanie “Miss Tool Box” Cotnoir has been on our radar for a while now. This hardcore off-road mud girl drives the hell out of her 1997 Jeep TJ, which she likes to call Yoshi. As a full-time native of Quebec, Canada, Stephanie spends her days editing online content while surfing the internet for her next part upgrade. Her nights are filled with greasy tools and truck parts that most women wouldn’t dare touch. If you want to play hard on the weekends you have to work hard during the week, and Miss Tool Box follows that motto every day. Wrenching at nights allows her to impress the crowds on the weekends, but as most builders would tell you, her project 1997 Jeep TJ will never truly be finished.

Miss Tool Box originally bought her 1997 Jeep TJ in 2012, and the green paint is direct from the factory. After a few months of adapting to the color, Stephanie officially named her rig Yoshi since it is her favorite character in the Super Mario Brothers games. She is a self-proclaimed geek when it comes to video games and internet memes, but the years she spent at mechanic school makes her a special kind of geek. Aside from turning bolts on her own rig, Stephanie also turns wrenches on monster trucks for Team Scream, which is based in Michigan. This extremely attractive mud truck mechanic may spend more time getting herself ready to go off-roading than she does to go to work, but you better be on point if you think you’re going to beat her to the end of the trail. Stephanie won’t be mad if she gets some mud in her makeup as long as she’s in the lead at the end of the race, so just try and keep up.

This street-legal mud rig has quite a few modifications that make it special. A Ford 8.8 axle that has welded spider gears sits in the rear, and a Dana 30 with a Poison Spider differential cover is in front. The 38-inch tires on 17x8 wheels are able to clear the body panels thanks to a 6½-inch Rubicon Express extreme-duty long arm system with Elka shocks. A factory-installed 2.5L engine was replaced with a 4.0L Jeep straight-six that has no problem turning these tires by sending the power through a 32RH transmission and an NP231 transfer case in the 1997 Jeep TJ. TeraFlex high steering helps control the wheel on rough terrains while really nice Corbeau seats and harnesses restrain the passengers.

Over the years Stephanie has received helpful tips from fellow off-roaders on protecting her rig while wheeling, which convinced her to add rock sliders, Bushwacker fender flares, a fuel tank skidplate, and a full rollcage for protection. The front-mounted winch from Warn Industries has been used quite a few times. Thanks to her KC Hilites she can go mudding all night long.

The companies that help Miss Tool Box get her rig running are helping this community grow by supporting the industry. RJS Racing, AllMonster.com, Six B apparel, Atelier Precision Custom, and many others are on her side, but Dan Roy may be the most important contributor. Dan is the full-time crew chief when he’s not working on his own truck and he is well known for building rigs right. A tomboy by day and a master mechanic at night, this M&M-loving mud girl is one of the coolest people in the industry.

1997 Jeep TJ
Owner: Stephanie “Miss Tool Box” Cotnoir
Engine: 4.0 straight-six
Transmission: 32RH
Transfer case: NP231
Suspension: 6½-inch Rubicon Express extreme-duty long arm kit
Axles: Ford 8.8 rear axle, Dana 30 front
Shocks: Elka
Wheels: 17x8 Black Rock
Tires: BFG 38x12.50 KM2