1998 Chevy S10 - The Final Feature

One Badass Chevy

This badass mud-slingin’ Chevy S-10 is owned by Brion Geipel of Loxatachee, Florida. His homemade rig was built in Brion’s garage with his very supportive wife by his side the whole time. He was able to do all the fab work at home, including the 2x3 box-tube frame and cradle. Water jet brackets from PMF Customs were welded on to hold the four-link bars and the hydraulic steering ram. The 12-inch Bigshocks make the ride nice and smooth while the 24-inch Long’s Wheels are digging deep. The 11.2x24 BKT tires are all that this truck needs to put a smile on Brion’s face.

A 468ci BBC engine built by Rick Wheellhan at General Machine and Fabrication was balanced and blueprinted before adding forgged Icon pistons and aluminum Edelbrock heads. Hooker competition headers make this rig sound as mean as the big dogs at the mud park. A Chevy TH400 transmission handles the shifting while a Profab 2.5:1 gearbox transfers the power to the 1-ton axles. The front axle is a Ford Dana 80 from a 1984 pickup; the rear is a Chevy 14-bolt Corporate. Both axles have a 5.13 gear ratio, chromoly shafts, and Yukon Gear & Axle U-joints. A Detroit centrifugal locker is installed in the front while a Lincoln Locker is in the rear. Driveline brakes with Wilwood calipers are Brion’s choice for stopping power, which has never failed him to date.

An extremely original design feature on this build is the cooling system. Coolent passes through the framerails to the radiator that is mounted in the bed along with the transmission cooler, James Davis–fabricated fuel and water tanks, and the battery. A 1.625-inch DOM rollcage protects the driver at all times, and black leather Corbeau racing seats add some comfort to the mix. Brion has some crazy plans to turn this rig into a four-door mud truck one day, but for now you can see him diggin’ up dirt at most of the mega truck events around south Florida.

1998 Chevy S-10
Owner: Brion Geipel
Engine: 468ci BBC
Transmission: Chevy TH400
Transfer case: Profab 2.5:1
Suspension: Straight frame 4-link
Axles: ’84 Ford Dana 80 front; Chevy 14-bolt Corp. rear
Shocks: 12-inch Bigshocks
Wheels: 24x12 Long’s Wheels
Tires: 11.2x24 BKT

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