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90 Fascinating Rigs from SEMA 2014

Rig Roundup

Here’s one thing you need to know about the massive Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Nevada: There are a staggering number of cool 4x4s on display. And since the SEMA show is not open to the general public, you may not have been able to attend. Even if you were to attend, the show is so dang big you may not have been able to see it all. We’re here to help. Look, we think you’ll want to see some of the rigs. Many are over-the-top, just like Vegas, while others are more low-key. There’s something for everyone at the show in regards to vehicle builds. We ankled over miles of carpet and concrete to gather up a huge collection of rigs for your viewing pleasure. One of the most talked-about rigs this year is the first vehicle shown here called “The Legend,” which was at the Fab Fours booth. It’s the work of Fab Fours owner Gregg Higgs and it’s a Wrangler-based vehicle that is an insane example of vehicle building. It stopped people in their tracks.

But there was more. Lots more. So scroll on to see photos of some of the fascinating rigs of SEMA 2014.