Fabulous Five: Brubaker’s Five SEMA Favorites (Part 1)

    Fabulous Five

    Ken BrubakerPhotographer, Writer

    As we trot (actually it’s more like saunter) around the gargantuan industry-only Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show here in Las Vegas, Nevada, Four Wheeler editor Christian Hazel and I have been choosing favorites. Specifically, our favorite rigs in the show that we would like to take home. Have you ever wondered what types of 4x4s trip our trigger? Probably not, but we’ll tell you anyway. I’ve compiled my favs from the part of the show I saw today. I arrived at the show a few ticks after 7 a.m. and walked all day. I only made it through two buildings. That gives you an idea of the sheer size of the SEMA show. Out of the scores of 4x4s I photographed today I selected my five favs for this story. These are rigs that appeal to my personal preferences. Are they exactly like I’d build ‘em? Nope. But I dig ‘em. It’ll be interesting to see what Christian’s favs are. I’ll be reporting on five more favs tomorrow. This will prove to be even tougher to decide because I’ll be canvassing the off-road area and the huge outdoor area. Yeah, I haven’t even got there yet. So please check back for Part Two tomorrow.