2010 Chopfab Plowboy Chevy Silverado - Mega Truck Madness

Plowboy Ain’t Playin’ Around

Ricky BerryPhotographer, Writer

Mega-truck mud racing is a relatively new sport that is quickly gaining attention in the South and on the East Coast. A mega truck is a truck that’s part mud bogger, part dragster, and a whole lot of midsize monster truck. Mega trucks are built to launch off the starting line, hit a huge 75-foot jump, blast through (or sometimes skim across) a mud hole, and somehow stay under control.

Richie Keith of Columbia, Tennessee, owns this 1,600hp piece of mud-hucking equipment. It was originally built by Chop Fabrication in Florida but recently saw a makeover by Ryan Anderson and his crew at the same shop that builds monster trucks like the legendary Grave Digger. Richie plans to race his truck competitively and plow up tons of fun at big mud events.

Tech Specs
2010 ChopFab Plowboy Silverado Mega Truck
Engine: Supercharged 540ci big-block GM with alcohol injection
Transmission: Powerglide 2-speed automatic
Transfer case: Overtime CNC gearbox
Front Axle: Custom F106 with custom-built locker and 47-spline RCV axleshafts
Rear Axle: Custom F106 with a spool and 47-spline RCV axleshafts

Springs & Such: ChopFab 4-link front and rear; 20-inch-travel Overtime CNC coilovers
Tires & Wheels: 14.9-24 BKT R2s custom grooved tractor tires on custom 24-inch Chop Fab wheels
Steering: Custom full hydraulic front and rear with dual push steering rams on each axle

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