Brenthel Industries 6100 Trophy Truck - Carbon Dating - Masterpiece In Metal

    Brenthel's Latest Debut

    Boyd JaynesPhotographerMatt EmeryWriter

    Off-road racing machines have always been at the forefront of the latest in technological advances, and Brenthel Industries has been instrumental in pushing those boundaries.

    The Spec Trophy Truck 6100 that they have built for Eric Hamann is just the latest example of their willingness to utilize great ideas from other areas to improve their product.

    That is, they have built an entire body out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber, once an exotic material that came under the “unobtanium” category, was first used in smaller pieces such as dash panels and other items. But an entire body was thought to be too expensive to produce, especially in the rough and tumble world of off-road racing.

    But when talking about a Trophy Truck that’s going for $245K, what’s another few grand for the trickest body out there?

    Beginning with one of their ’14 Brenthel Industries chassis, the team then added to it the pieces that Hamann will need to make it back to civilization. If an army travels on its stomach, then a Trophy Truck travels on its suspension and rolling hardware. With 30 inches of travel in the rear and 24 up front, this truck should be traveling fast. It does so by relying on many of the same items both front and rear.

    Those items are King shocks, Jamar calipers, BFGoodrich tires, Ultra wheels, and, of course, Brenthel.

    The front end utilizes Brenthel A-arms, hubs, and spindles while it’s up to King 4.0 Bypass five-tube finned reservoirs and King coilovers with custom Brenthel front springs to soak up the bumps. Jamar six-piston TT calipers put the squeeze on 14-inch Brenthel rotors while a Howe steering system gets the whole thing to spin back and forth. Wheel travel is 24 inches.

    Found on both ends are the 17-inch Ultra beadlock wheels and 37-inch BFGoodrich KR tires. The rear suspension is a replay of the front, though the King 4.0 shocks have seven bypass tubes. Other than that, and the fact that King springs are used on the coilover shocks, the main pieces are again Brenthel, King, and Jamar. Wheel travel is 30 inches.

    Yes, we know that it says FORD on the front of the truck, but as per the rules, an LS3 Chevrolet engine powers this truck. It’s been tuned by CBM, upgraded with a set of custom Brenthel headers and MagnaFlow mufflers and an UMP air filter, but not much else. Cooling duties are shared by CBR (radiator/fans/coolers) and Brenthel as Brenthel plumbed the entire vehicle as they did with the wiring. Though basically stock, the engine still produces a respectable 430 horses.

    Those ponies are first put through a Culhane Turbo 400 that features a close ratio Second gear before being funneled back to the Dirt Tech 10-inch rearend. Said rearend has been equipped with a “top secret ratio” set of Gearworks gears and spool. They won’t tell you, so don’t ask.

    Inside, it’s race ready as NRG Full Carbon seats and Mastercraft safety gear keep the crew in place while the Lowrance GPS System (5-inch driver & 10-inch navigator) keeps them on course. Other items include the MOMO steering wheel and Winters shifter. Brenthel made the dash, which houses the Livorsi gauges, PCI Intercom, and aforementioned Lowrance monitors.

    It almost seems a shame to cover the Brenthel Industries carbon-fiber body, but the Gatorwraps wrap does look good. Speaking of looking good, Brenthel went to great pains to design their body so that the crew has good visibility both fore and aft.

    Aiding in that visibility are the multiple pair of Rigid Industries lightbars that adorn the truck. There are two large bars facing forward while an equally large one faces the rear. It has both the required amber lights as well as the brake lights built in.

    With all of the winning vehicles that Brenthel has produced (a truck with this frame/suspension design won the Baja 500), it would seem that they could stop to catch their breath, but that’s not their way. This 3100, with its carbon-fiber body, shows that they are not interested in resting on their laurels. Instead, they are pushing the boundaries of where this sport is heading.

    Spec Trophy Truck 6100
    Manufacturer: Brenthel Industries
    Wheelbase: 125 inches
    Track Width: 90 inches
    Weight: 4,500 pounds

    Manufacturer: Chevrolet LS3
    Horsepower: 430
    Tuner: CBM
    Headers/Mufflers: Brenthel, MagnaFlow
    Air Cleaner: UMP
    Cooling: CBR
    Plumbing: Brenthel
    Wiring: Brenthel
    Transmission: Culhane Turbo 400
    Rearend/Gears: Dirt Tech, Gearworks
    Driveshaft: Drivelines Inc.

    Front Suspension: Brenthel, 24 inches of travel
    Rear Suspension: Brenthel, 30 inches of travel
    Shocks/Front: King 4.0 5-Tube Bypass, 3.0 coilover with King Springs
    Shocks/Rear: King 4.0 7-Tube Bypass, 3.0 coilover with King Springs

    Brakes Brakes/Front: Jamar TT 6-piston calipers, Brenthel 14-inch rotors
    Brakes/Rear: Jamar TT 6-piston calipers, Brenthel 14-inch rotors

    Wheels: Ultra 17-inch Beadlocks
    Tires: 37-inch BFGoodrich KR

    Bodywork Brenthel Carbon Fiber
    Paint/Graphics Gatorwraps
    Lighting: Rigid LED Lightbars

    Seats: NRG Full Carbon
    Steering Wheel: MOMO
    Dash: Brenthel
    Gauges: Livorsi
    Shifter: Winters
    Harnesses: Mastercraft
    GPS: 5- and 10-inch Lowrance
    Radio/Intercom: PCI