Readers’ Rides Annual Gala Blowout

    Homegrown 4x4s

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    The Rock Rat
    Vehicle: 1987 Toyota Pickup
    Owner: Zach Malone, Bailey, CO
    Tires & Wheels: 33x12.5R15 Goodyear MT/R Kevlars
    Suspension: Factory Toyota IFS, 51-inch third-gen Toyota pickup rear leaf springs, 6-inch shackles, Pro Comp shocks
    Drivetrain: W56C 5-speed transmission, Marlin 4.7:1 single transfer case with twin sticks, welded Toyota 8-inch rear axle, 4.10 gears
    Drivetrain: 22R bored 0.030 over, 32/36 Weber carb
    Other Doodads: Recaro seats from a ’91 Jetta GLI
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: The engine and tranny separated on the trail. I had no clutch and managed to finish the rest of the trail.
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: It works pretty well for what it is. The factory IFS does well for being essentially factory. I have tuned it to perform well on the rocks.
    Anything You Would Change?: Weld up the front end, go with 4.88s, add chromoly CVs.

    Chained Up
    Vehicle: 1965 Jeep Gladiator J2500 Thriftside
    Owner: PFC Michael Zimmermann, Liberty, NY
    Tires & Wheels: Stock
    Suspension: Stock
    Drivetrain: Hi-Torque 232 I-6; 3-on-the-tree T-90, Dana 20, Dana 44 axles
    Other Doodads: Snowplow
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: The first day I drove her I almost got her stuck in a large hole in a creek—had the water over the ends of the bedrails. I found out the hard way the floor was not as solid as I thought when water came rushing in.
    Anything You Would Change?: Need to fix the rust hole on the body, but other than that I am leaving her the same way she sits now
    Anything to Add?: I have always wanted a Jeep pickup, and when I stumbled upon this truck for a great price I couldn’t resist. It needs a little more TLC but not much. It amazes me that she still has her factory paint.

    Future Big-Block Blazer
    Vehicle: 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer
    Owner: Stephen Silvernail
    Tires: 37x14.5s
    Suspension: 4-inch Rough Country lift
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Other Doodads: Custom bumper
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Mostly
    Anything You Would Change?: Big-block

    Beach Buggy
    Vehicle: 1990 Chevrolet Suburban 2500
    Owner: Paul Andrew, Flowery Branch, GA
    Tires & Wheels: 315/75R16 BFGoodrich mud-terrains on Pro Comp wheels
    Suspension: Pro Comp 4-inch lift kit
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Other Doodads: Chopped-off roof, cage, custom canvas top, Rhino-lined interior
    Anything You Would Change?: Nothing, except maybe winch, lockers, better gas mileage
    Anything to Add?: 50-year-old women stop me at gas stations and say, “I love your truck.” It’s the world’s greatest convertible/beach buggy.

    Cold War Fighter
    Vehicle: 2011 GMC 3500 Vehicle: Dan Roe, Moscow, ID
    Tires & Wheels: 37x12.5R18 Pro Comp Xtreme mud-terrains, 18x9.5 XD Thumps
    Suspension: 7 1⁄2-inch/6-inch Fabtech kit
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Performance Mods: Duramax V-8, H&S Minimax tuner, Proflo exhaust, K&N intake
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Works great!
    Anything You Would Change?: Need less offset
    Anything to Add?: A perfect addition to my $3,200 ’99 Powertroke Super Duty

    Macho Man
    Vehicle: 1977 Dodge (Macho) Power Wagon
    Owners: Mike & Kathy Grant, Sullivan, MO
    Tires & Wheels: 33x12.5R15 BFGoodrich Radial All-Terrain KOs on 15x10 steel wagon wheels
    Suspension: 2-inch add-a-leaves, Rancho shocks
    Drivetrain: Stock 727 transmission, NP203 transfer case
    Performance Mods: Rebuilt 360 V-8, Holly Pro-Jection, Mallory ignition
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Getting stuck on Thanksgiving Day when a buddy and I went for a quick spin before dinner. The wife didn’t think it was funny.
    Does everything work the way you want?: Of course not—it’s an old Dodge.
    Anything You Would Change?: Drivetrain and suspension

    Denver Bronco
    Vehicle: 1970 Bronco
    Owners: Jeff & Noelle Kerridge
    Tires & Wheels: 35-inch BFGoodrich T/As on 17-inch MB wheels
    Suspension: Wild Horses 31⁄2-inch lift kit
    Drivetrain: Stock (rebuilt)
    Performance Mods: 302 V-8, dual exhaust with black chrome exhaust tips
    Other Doodads: Corbeau seats, original(?) Koenig PTO winch, emblems powdercoated black, power steering conversion, shifter moved from column to floor, Rock Blocker rear bumper/carrier/rack, Rhino lined interior, rollcage
    Anything to Add?: The guys at Wild Horses 4x4 were very supportive

    Michigan State Trooper
    Vehicle: 1991 Isuzu Trooper
    Owner: Matt Brooks, Newaygo, MI
    Tires: Goodyear Wrangler A/Ts
    Suspension: Stock
    Drivetrain: Stock, 2.8L V-6, rear Spartan Locker
    Other Doodads: Custom winch bumper made from 2x4x0.25-inch steel, Badlands 9000K winch.
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: The Trooper does everything I want it to do
    Anything You Would Change?: 3-inch suspension lift, 31-inch mud-terrains, front locker, roofrack

    Chocolate Thunder
    Vehicle: 1978 F-150 shortbed
    Owner: Mitchell Hull, Pleasant Grove, UT
    Tires & Wheels: 35-inch BFGoodrich KM2s on 15x10 Level 8 wheels
    Suspension: 4-inch Rancho lift Drivetrain: 4-speed manual with granny gear, 4.11 gearing, Dana 44 front axle, Ford 9-inch rear axle
    Performance Mods: Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley 4-barrel carb, Hedman headers
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: My buddy got stuck in a mud hole, then we buried four more trucks trying to get him out
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes
    Anything You Would Change?: Put on 38-inch tires. It’s my daily driver even though it only gets 7 mpg.

    Rolling Wrangler
    Vehicle: 1995 Wrangler YJ Sahara
    Owner: Brian Berglund, Firestone, CO
    Tires & Wheels: 40-inch BFGoodrich Krawlers, Trailready beadlocks
    Suspension: Leaf springs, Bilstein shocks
    Drivetrain: Stock engine and transmission, Atlas 4.3 transfer case, Tera CRD 60 axles, ARB Air Lockers, 5.38 gears
    Other Doodads: Mercenary Off-Road subframe/bellypan, front fenders
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: It works great on the trails of Colorado
    Anything You Would Change?: I’m looking to jump to a V-8 and those coilover things
    Anything to Add?: I rolled it at the EJS

    Chinese Takeout?
    Vehicle: 1990 Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser
    Owner: Bridger Hayes, Prince George, VA
    Tires & Wheels: 35-inch Mickey Thompson MTZs on painted MT Classic Locks
    Suspension: 10-inch lift: SOA flip with OME 3-inch heavy springs, 21⁄2-inch OME inversion shackles, Rancho RS5000 shocks
    Drivetrain: Stock, 4.88 gears, lockers
    Performance Mods: 3FE I-6, K&N air filter, high-performance coil, DUI distributor, Mean Green high-output alternator, Man-A-Fre ceramic-coated header, custom exhaust
    Other Doodads: Hi-steer kit, six 55-watt Hellas, roof rack, ARB front bumper, custom rattle-can paint job, custom redneck microwave (a .50-cal ammo can mounted next to the headers—warms my lunch on cold days hunting)
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: I bought this truck from some hippie who migrated from Los Angeles. Only got 80 miles to the tank. I did all the work myself. Never would know it had 212,000 on it.
    Anything to Add?: Everyone wants to know about the license plate: I was a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan growing up and always thought General Lee was a cool name for a vehicle. Living in the South, I would be shot dead if I named an import vehicle after a Confederate general. The only Asian general I knew of is General Tso. I like his chicken dinner.

    Mud Master
    Vehicle: 1993 Ford F-250
    Owner: Sam Thomas, Princeton, WV
    Tires: 37x12.50R16.5 Military BFGoodrichs
    Suspension: SAS, 6-inch suspension lift
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Other Doodads: Ramsey 8,000-pound winch
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes
    Anything You Would Change?: Shackle reversal in front, bigger tires, Dana 60

    Clean Commando
    Vehicle: 1969 Jeepster Commando
    Owner: Terrance Peeks, Holtville, CA
    Tires & Wheels: 33x12.5R15 Bridgestone Duelers, Falken Rocky Mountains on American Eagle wheels
    Suspension: 4-inch Hell Creek front springs, rear Pro Comp 4-inch YJ springs
    Drivetrain: Dauntless 225 V-6, T14 transmission, Dana 20 transfer case, Dana 30 front axle, Dana 44 rear axle with Trac-Loc
    Performance Mods: Advance Adapters fenderwell headers, K&N filter, FlowKooler water pump
    Other Doodads: Power steering conversion, power brake conversion, CJ Dana 30 front axle with disc brakes, Northwest AutoWire wiring harness, Raptor-lined interior
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Works the way I want for now
    Anything You Would Change?: Wider axles, full cage, tire carrier, TH400, maybe a Chevy 4.3L V-6
    Anything to Add?: Thanks to all the friends and family as well as everyone in the JCCA for their help in getting this on the road

    Frank the Tank
    Vehicle: 2013 JK Unlimited Rubicon
    Owner: Scott McNamara, Rhododendron, OR
    Tires & Wheels: 35x12.5R16 Goodyear Duratracs on MTB TKOs
    Suspension: OE coils, 21⁄2-inch TeraFlex spacers, Bilstein shocks
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Other Doodads: Artec D44 axle armor kit, Evo Rockstars, Bushwacker fender flares, Truck-Lite LED headlights, JW Speaker fogs, ARB diff covers, Bestop Trektop NX top, Warn stubby front bumper with Zeon 8K winch running Spydura rope, custom Renegade replica decals
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Wheeling with friends on Cedar Tree during the 2013 Pistons Wild Poker run, trying to squeeze under the tree. All my spotters said I was clear—until I heard a loud crack and pop as the tree took a chunk out of my brand new top.
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Absolutely
    Anything You Would Change?: I will be upgrading the lift to a long-arm kit

    Brutish Blazer
    Vehicle: 1986 K5 Blazer
    Owner: Steve Kay, Castle Rock, CO
    Tires & Wheels: 38.5x14.5R16.5 TSL SXs (grooved) on Trail Worthy Fab re-centered 12-bolt H1s with rock rings and PVC inserts
    Suspension: 52-inch front springs with DIY4x EZ Inch and axle moved forward one inch, 14-inch-travel Pro Comp ES3000 shocks on modified Ford shock towers, 56-inch rear springs with EZ Inch, ORD shackle flip, DIY4x 6-inch UDSR shackles
    Drivetrain: 700R4, NP241 with JB Conversions SYE, Dana 60 front axle with Spartan Locker, 14-bolt full-floating rear axle with Detroit Locker, 4.56 gears, DIY4x flat-back diff covers
    Performance Mods: TBI 350 out of an ’89 K5 Blazer Other Doodads: DIY4x A-bomb bumper, homemade sliders, homebrewed hydro-assist steering with ORD crossover steering and ORD steering braces, really fancy flat-black spray-can paint job
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Catching my old K5 Blazer on fire while out wheeling
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Works really good, but always something to change on it
    Anything You Would Change?: Full interior cage to protect my wife and kids, build a tube rear bumper
    Anything to Add?: I have built this whole thing on a pretty tight budget. Money doesn’t always mean more fun in this sport—but I could always use some more money!

    Colorado Master
    Vehicle: 2001 Jeep Cherokee
    Owner: R.M. Allen
    Tires & Wheels: 30x9.5 Pro Comp A/Ts on Rock Crawler wheels
    Suspension: 4-inch Rancho lift kit, RS9000 rear shocks, XS9000 front shocks
    Drivetrain: Dana 30 front axle, 81⁄4 rear axle, ARB Air Lockers
    Performance Mods: Banks header, Banks intake, MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust, Optima battery
    Other Doodads: Warn 9500K winch, Warn front bumper, Rusty’s body armor and skidplates, Yakima roofrack, 60-inch Hi-Lift jack, custom rear bumper with Class 4 receiver
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Drives great. Would climb a tree if I asked it to.
    Anything You Would Change?: It’s a Jeep, so there’s always something to change somewhere sometime. Invested over $24,000 so far, not counting the Jeep’s original cost.
    Anything to Add?: Took the summer off when we purchased it and did 90 percent of the trails south of I-70 in Colorado

    Toy Suzi
    Vehicle: 1987 Suzuki Samurai
    Owner: Steve Marlow, Hibbing, MN
    Tires & Wheels: 35x12.5R15 Goodyear MT/Rs with Kevlar, repainted steel rims
    Suspension: SOA with YJ leaf springs, Missing Link front shackles, Bilstein shocks, Ford front shock towers
    Drivetrain: Trail Gear 6.5:1 transfer case gears, Toyota axles, 4.88 gears, 4340 chromoly Birfields, Spartan lockers, disc brake conversions
    Performance Mods: 1.6L Sidekick engine, K&N air filter, Flowmaster exhaust, header, 100-amp alternator
    Other Doodads: Home-made rear bumper and tube doors, Optima battery, 2,500-pound Badlands winch, Trail Gear diff guards, Toyota power steering box with Saginaw pump, Toyota crossover steering, Viair compressor and semi air tank, O’Reilly seats, Grant steering wheel, 6-point rollcage
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: So far, yes
    Anything You Would Change?: Smittybilt RC8 winch, longer wheelbase
    Anything to Add?: Did 95 percent of the work myself, 10 years to get this far (had to build the garage first)

    Half-Ton Tribute
    Vehicle: 1991 GMC K1500
    Owner: Jordan Heimer, Lindsborg, KS
    Tires & Wheels: 38.5x11R16 Super Swamper Boggers on 16x8 Raceline Raptors
    Suspension: 6-inch lift kit
    Drivetrain: TH350, NP208, Dana 60 front axle, 14-bolt rear axle with spool, 4.10 gears
    Performance Mods: 500-hp 406-ci V-8, custom headers
    Other Doodads: Custom dash, seat, fuel cell in bed
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes, will do some wicked burnouts
    Anything You Would Change?: True-Trac in front, coilover suspension
    Anything to Add?: The truck was fixed up in loving memory of its owner, Jordan Heimer

    Teen’s Wrangler
    Vehicle: 1995 Jeep YJ Wrangler
    Owner: Brandon Smith, Traverse City, MI
    Tires: 33x12.5R15 Wildcat M/Ts
    Suspension: 2-inch lift shackles, 2-inch body lift
    Drivetrain: Stock, 2.5L I-4
    Other Doodads: Cut fenders, Rhino-lined, KC lights, full steel bumpers
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Was going down a trail and hit a bump, and my rear track bar ripped out of the frame. A tree hit my top and saved me from rolling.
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes, it works amazing for what it is
    Anything You Would Change?: Lift kit, front locker
    Anything to Add?: I’m 17 and love changing and modifying this rig. Now it is my daily driver, but it goes where I want it to. Love Jeeps; won’t ever go back to any other brand.

    Retro Toy
    Vehicle: 1994 Toyota Pickup
    Owner: Doug Maloy, Strafford, NH
    Tires & Wheels: 36x13.5R15 Interco Iroks on 15x10 Mickey Thompson Classic Locks
    Suspension: 5-inch Superlift kit, 2-inch balljoint spacers, 11⁄2-inch rear shackle lift Drivetrain: 22RE, stock
    Other Doodads: Double roll bar, fullsize spare on custom bed mount, 3-inch body lift, on-board air for the 3-foot air horns.
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: It’s a show piece, standards are low
    Anything You Would Change?: Regear to 5.29 (hills are tough without a tailwind)
    Anything to Add?: This was my first vehicle. It was bone stock when I bought it and it had a broken e-brake. I left it out of gear one day and it rolled down the driveway into a tree. That is what started my entire rebuild.

    No. 1 Bronco II?
    Vehicle: 1987 Ford Bronco II
    Owners: Rebecca Erickson & Nick Oille, Fernley, NV
    Tires & Wheels: 33x10.5R15 BFGoodrich KM2s on 15x8 Black Rock steel wheels
    Suspension: 4-inch lift: Skyjacker rear springs, Rancho XJ front springs, boxed and extended radius arms
    Drivetrain: FM145, BW1350, Dana 35 front axle with Spartan Locker, Ford 8.8 rear axle with Trac-Loc, 4.88 gears
    Performance Mods: Thrush muffler
    Other Doodads: OBA plumbed into the sliders, 21 1⁄2-inch LED light bar
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Before the drivetrain swap we blew the retaining clip off the stock CV-style rear driveline and drove home with duct tape holding the CV joint together
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes, I am always surprised how well this little rig does on the trail
    Anything You Would Change?: 5.0 swap would be nice
    Anything to Add?: Built this rig for my girlfriend so she could have a nice daily driver and trail rig (and so I could have another toy)

    Vehicle: 2001 Cherokee XJ Sport
    Owner: Max Ablicki, Belchertown, MA
    Tires & Wheels: 29x8.5R15 Super Swamper TSL bias-plies, Plymouth Voyager steel rims
    Suspension: 2-inch Skyjacker Budget Boost, Nitro 8000 shocks
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Other Doodads: JCR Offroad PreRunner bumper, KC HiLites, Rage Powersports roofrack, trimmed fenders, bedlined rockers
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Definitely. It’s a blast to drive on and off the road, and I get a lot of compliments on it.
    Anything You Would Change?: 3-inch lift, full roof rack, snorkel, longer brake lines, sway bar disconnects
    Anything to Add?: The C-52 nickname comes from my father’s old 4x4. He had a Nissan Pathfinder that we called “C-5” because the tire sound reminded us of a plane. This XJ is C-5 reborn, hence the nickname C-52.

    Lil Black
    Vehicle: 2002 Chevy Trailblazer
    Owner: Juan Rios, Del Rio, TX Tires & Wheels: 33x13R16 Super Swamper TSLs on 16x8 Pro Comp 52 series wheels
    Suspension: 7-inch Mark MC lift kit, Moog front coil springs and control arms, stock rear springs, Rancho shocks
    Drivetrain: 4.3L V-6, 4-speed automatic transmission, NP226 transfer case, Cardone 32-spline front CV axles, 3.80 axle gears
    Performance Mods: K&N air filter, Airaid throttle body spacer, Optima battery
    Other Doodads: ARB on-board air compressor, custom grille, Mark MC wheel spacers
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Most definitely: midsized ride, fullsize at heart
    Anything You Would Change?: Off-road lights, nerf bars
    Anything to Add?: The project was tedious, but worth it. I dedicated it to my sis, Catalina Rodriguez, and family.

    Everyday XJ
    Vehicle: 1988 Jeep Cherokee
    Owners: John & Ventura Young, Pomona, CA
    Tires & Wheels: 35-inch BFGoodrich KM2s on 16x9 Eagle Alloys
    Suspension: RCX front brackets, Rubicon Express 41⁄2-inch-lift springs with JKS arms and spacers, rear 61⁄2-inch-lift Rubicon Express leaf springs, TeraFlex revolving shackles
    Drivetrain: AW4, NP231 with SYE, Dana 30 front axle, Dana 44 rear axle with Lock-Rite, 3.55 gears
    Performance Mods: Spectre intake, Mustang 5.0L injectors, E3 spark plugs
    Other Doodads: JCR skidplates, Body Armor TJ rock slides, TNT frame stiffeners, TeraFlex rear disc brakes, Wilwood master cylinder and prop valve, rock lights, roof rack
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Driving through the rockiest trail part of San Gabriel OHV area with 40 psi in our tires with everyone’s teeth chattering
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes, it crawls, it mobs through the desert, and daily drives the streets
    Anything You Would Change?: Coilovers, bumpstops, front 4-piston calipers, rollcage
    Anything to Add?: The stickers added about 50 hp

    Canadian Crawler
    Vehicle: 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport
    Owner: Rob Butt, Barrie Ontario, Canada
    Tires & Wheels: 35x12.5R15 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlars on 15x8 Classic D-Windows
    Suspension: 4-inch Rough Country lift, Currie Enterprises adjustable upper control arms, Rusty’s Offroad Products adjustable front track bar, JKS rear track bar bracket, Daystar bushings, Rough Country rear shock relocation brackets
    Drivetrain: 4.0L I-6, NP231 with Rugged Ridge SYE and Tom Woods CV rear driveshaft, Dana 30 front axle with Lokka Lunchbox locker, RCX diff guard, Dana 35 rear axle
    Other Doodads: Homebrew front winch bumper, Superwinch LP8500 Winch, in-cab winch controls, Dodge Dakota steering box, Trail Head Customs front tube fenders, Rubicon rock rails, ZJ tie-rod upgrade. Rough Country 11⁄4-inch body lift, Daystar 1-inch-lift motor mounts, TeraFlex steering stabilizer, Big Boy Jeeps cargo netting, Moose Knuckle Customs OBA system, Warn steering box skidplate, Super Wader snorkel, retrofitted Morimoto projector headlights
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: It does really well on the trails, but I have a strange clunking in 4-Hi that I need to sort out
    Anything You Would Change?: If I had my time/money back, I would opt for a long-arm suspension system. I have a Ford 8.8 that I’m getting ready to swap in and am currently on the hunt for a D44 front axle.
    Anything to Add?: Thanks to the great group at for their help and ongoing knowledge

    First Jeep
    Vehicle: 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ
    Owner: Jeremy Patterson, Knoxville, TN
    Tires & Wheels: 33x12.5R15 BFGoodrich All-Terrain KOs on 15x9 Pacer Classic IIs
    Suspension: 4-inch Rough Country lift kit
    Drivetrain: Stock Other Doodads: Custom bumpers, off-road lights
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Getting crossed up in some ruts and slinging mud all over my dad
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes
    Anything You Would Change?: Front and rear lockers, 6-cylinder engine
    Anything to Add?: I’m 16. This is my first Jeep. I bought it bone stock and I’m still adding stuff to my rig.

    Functional Ford
    Vehicle: 1993 Ford F-150
    Owner: Frank Morris Tires & Wheels: 33x12.5 Goodyear Wrangler MT/Rs on factory wheels
    Suspension: Leveling kit
    Drivetrain: Stock Performance Mods: 4.9L V-8, K&N air filter
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Following a lifted Jeep that was using 4-wheel drive, and I never left 2-wheel drive
    Anything You Would Change?: Gear it lower, lift it a little, add a larger camshaft
    Anything to Add?: I want to thank my brother for not getting rid of this truck while it was his

    Muddy Eddie
    Vehicle: 1995 Eddie Bauer Bronco
    Owner: Ryan Vaillancourt, Dracut, MA
    Tires & Wheels: 33x12.5R15 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/As on 15x10 Cragar V-5s
    Suspension: Rough Country 2½-inch lift
    Drivetrain: Stock 351W, E4OD transmission, BW1356 transfer case, Dana 44 TTB front axle, Ford 8.8-inch rear axle with limited slip, 3.55 gears
    Performance Mods: Flowmaster 40 Series exhaust, dumped before axle
    Other Doodads: Tow hooks
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Tried to drive over old tires, but they got stuck between the bumper and tires. That was fun to remove them.
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Goes everywhere I want it to go
    Anything You Would Change?: Bigger lift, regear to 4.10s, lockers, Rock Solid prerunner bumper

    Engineering Exercise
    Vehicle: 1987 Toyota pickup
    Owner: Stacy Suter, Harrisonburg, VA
    Tires & Wheels: 35x12.5R15 Dick Cepek Fun Country IIs on 15x8 Mickey Thompson Classic IIs
    Suspension: Front custom 4-link with Johnny Joints, Panhard bar, Fox 2.0 10-inch-travel coilovers, Marlin Crawler tie rod, crossover steering, custom-bent steering arms; rear custom 2-link with Johnny Joints, stock leaf springs, special pivot between link and spring, Pro Comp MX6 shocks, ’85 Toyota front axle with FJ80 high-pinion third member, stock ’87 rear axle, limited-slip, 5.29 gears
    Drivetrain: Stock, original 22R motor has 283,000 miles
    Other Doodads: Rollcage, removable sunroof
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?:
    Anything You Would Change?: New rear fiberglass bed sides, new paint, rock sliders
    Anything to Add?: I bought this truck new in 1987 to go to college. As an engineer I did all suspension research, CAD, design, machining, and fabrication over two years. I also learned how to TIG weld. I was able to make the suspension mods a completely bolt-on system with only holes to drill and IFS to cut off.

    Rockin’ XJ
    Vehicle: 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport
    Owner: Samuel Leguee, Gold Beach, OR
    Tires & Wheels: 33x12.5R15 Hankook Dynapro MTs on 15-inch Ultra rims
    Suspension: Rough Country 41⁄2-inch X-Flex lift, extra 1-inch spacers, quick-disconnect front sway bars
    Drivetrain: Stock 4.0L H.O. I-6, NP231 with SYE, custom rear driveshaft, Dana 30 front axle, Chrysler 81⁄4 rear axle with a Lock-Rite
    Other Doodads: Custom aluminum bumpers with built-in receivers, rock sliders, light bar, taillight guards, trimmed rear fenders
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: For the most part
    Anything You Would Change?: A front locker, a winch with quick-connects front and rear
    Anything to Add?: I’m only 17 and I got this Jeep bone stock and built it myself in my garage and metal shop at school

    Backwoods Ram
    Vehicle: 2006 Ram 1500 Sport
    Owner: Nathan Legradi, Yeagertown, PA
    Tires & Wheels: 35-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers on 18-inch Fuel Kranks
    Suspension: 6-inch RCX lift
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Performance Mods: 5.7L Hemi V-8, CAI, throttle-body spacer, Flowmaster Series 10 mufflers, Hypertech programmer
    Other Doodads: SRT hoodscoop, Mopar decal, eyelids, Mopar nerf bars, Rhino liner, tonneau cover, LED taillights
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Got stuck pulling my mom’s neighbor out of the mud, so my stepdad pulled me out and got stuck the same place I did. I got to redeem myself and pull him out.
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Works great, rides great, and everyday driver

    XCellent XJ
    Vehicle: 1998 XJ Cherokee
    Owner: Daniel Quintana II, Las Vegas, NV
    Tires & Wheels: 31x10.5R15 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/As on 15x8 Pro Comp Extreme Alloys
    Suspension: Rough Country 41⁄2-inch lift
    Drivetrain: Stock 4.0L I-6, AW4 transmission, Dana 30 front axle, Chrysler 81⁄4 rear axle with Solid Axle cover, 3.55 gears
    Performance Mods: K&N air filter, Triple Threat electric fans, 3-core aluminum radiator
    Other Doodads: Smittybilt nerf bars, Rough Country front winch bumper, GenRight hood louvers
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: For the most part. Still getting hot in the summer months but goes anywhere I ask her to.
    Anything You Would Change?: Upgrade axles to Dana 44s with lockers, replace the rear factory bumper with a spare-carrier type; put a cage with lights on the roof
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: When it snowed in Las Vegas and everyone was going 5 mph all over town, I just wheeled through no problem

    Vehicle: 1995 Toyota Tacoma
    Owner: Kyle Todd
    Tires & Wheels: 31x10.5R15 BFGoodrich KOs on stock rims
    Suspension: Stock (sway bar removed)
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Performance Mods: Drop-in AFE filter
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Works great
    Anything You Would Change?: Winch, front hybrid bumper, sliders, snorkel, OBA with ARB lockers, but college comes first
    Anything to Add?: The truck’s name is Roxanne

    Frozen Tundra
    Vehicle: 2010 Toyota Tundra
    Owner: Mike Simonelli, Bordentown, NJ
    Tires & Wheels: BFGoodrich Rugged Trails on stock wheels
    Suspension: Stock
    Drivetrain: Stock 5.7L iForce V-8, stock 6-speed automatic, 4.30 axle gears
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Very nice tow vehicle for my RV trailer, handles light off-road conditions when hunting or fishing
    Anything You Would Change?: Leveling kit, air intake
    Anything to Add?: I feel the Tundra can run with any of the Big Three 1500s

    Gila Monster
    Vehicle: 1994 Ford Bronco
    Owner: Jake Bare, Lake Elsinore, CA
    Tires & Wheels: 35x12.5R15 BFGoodrich Baja T/As on wagon wheels
    Suspension: 4-inch Rancho lift kit
    Drivetrain: Stock, E4OD automatic transmission
    Performance Mods: 351W V-8 tuned up, Flowmaster muffler, 3-inch exhaust
    Other Doodads: Caged rear window
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Wheeling with friends and scaring everyone with some gnarly trails
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes, it never gets stuck and always goes where I want
    Anything You Would Change?: More lights, new rear bumper, rear locker, a cage, a stronger tranny, and torque converter
    Anything to Add?: I love this truck. Built not bought.

    Southern Comfort
    Vehicle: 2007 Ford F-150 Southern Comfort Conversion
    Owners: James & Heather DeWitt, Kokomo, IN
    Tires & Wheels: 35x12.5R20 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 20-inch XD Hoss wheels
    Suspension: 6-inch Pro Comp kit, MX6 shocks
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Performance Mods: Edge Programmer, Spectre intake, MagnaFlow exhaust
    Other Doodads: Boss bars, Rhino lining
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Pulled buddy’s truck out after Cummins failed to
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes, so far
    Anything You Would Change?: 4.10 gears
    Anything to Add?: This is my first Ford truck, loving it so far

    Fab Ford
    Vehicle: 1994 Explorer
    Owner: Austin Gonzales
    Tires: 35x12.5R15 Super Swampers
    Suspension: 4-inch suspension lift, 2-inch body lift
    Drivetrain: Stock 4.0L V-6, C4 transmission, stock axles, 4.10 gears, lunchbox lockers
    Anything You Would Change?: SAS up front with a 3-link

    Sexi Lexi
    Vehicle: 1997 Lexus LX450
    Owner: Seth Workman, Fayetteville, WV
    Tires & Wheels: 41.5x13.5 Pitbull Rockers on 17-inch Black Rock wheels with weld-on beadlocks
    Suspension: Mix of OME and Ironman parts—3-link front, stock 4-link with Panhard rear
    Drivetrain: Stock 4.5L I-6, transmission and transfer case, Dana 60 front axle with chromoly shafts, Synergy drive flanges, 14-bolt rear axle, 5.13 gears, spools
    Other Doodads: Garrett Fab Works cage, Metaltech sliders and front bumper, West Texas Offroad hydro-assist steering, Warn 9.5XP winch
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes
    Anything You Would Change?: Coilovers, lower transfer case gears

    Vehicle: 2013 JK Rubicon Tenth Anniversary
    Owner: John Stickley, St. Joseph, MO
    Tires & Wheels: BFGoodrich Radial Mud-Terrain T/As on stock wheels
    Suspension: Stock
    Drivetrain: Stock
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Yes
    Anything You Would Change?: It needs a winch

    Lucky M1008
    Vehicle: 1986 Chevy M1008
    Owner: Michael Birkeneder, Morgan Hill, CA
    Tires: 37-inch Goodyear Wrangler MT/Rs
    Suspension: Front BDS 4-inch front springs, DIY4x rear shackle-flip
    Drivetrain: Stock gutless 6.2L diesel with original 24-volt system, TH400, NP208, Dana 60 front axle, 14-bolt rear axle with Detroit Locker, 4.56 gears
    Performance Mods: ORD crossover steering, steering box brace
    Other Doodads: ORD high-clearance crossmember, racing seats, ORD brake lines, totally awesome P.A. system
    Funniest Wheeling Incident: Guy rolled right next to my parked truck and landed 6 inches from me. His tire kissed my fender.
    Does Everything Work the Way You Want?: Works well enough to have not gotten stuck yet
    Anything You Would Change?: Front locker, hydro-assist
    Anything to Add?: Thanks to my woman for letting me neglect her to go work on my truck

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