2011 Ford F-150 Raptor - A Woman’s Touch

A Second-Generation Custom Truck Designer Builds A First-Rate Raptor

Matt EmeryPhotographer, Writer

Most children want to go into the family business, and Theresa Contreras is no different. The difference here is that her parents, Louis and Geraldine Morosan, are owners of LGE*CTS Motorsports of San Dimas, California, and are known for their award-winning customized trucks. Contreras’ parents were naturally excited when she not only was interested in the family’s business, but also showed a real aptitude for the job.

The customized ’11 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor shown here is all Contreras. It was her who came up with the design for the Ford. She knew what she wanted the truck to look like, but the difference is that it was her who actually did the majority of the work. The trick paint scheme is not only her design, Contreras did the painting too. In fact, her amazing paintwork is known throughout the custom truck industry. She used PPG to add the tire tread design as well as the seemingly Terminator-inspired Raptor logo.

Contreras also designed all the bumpers, sidebars, and rear bed ’cage. She did drawings of what she wanted it all to look like and Louie Morosan bent and welded them up. She wanted to go for more clean lines, nothing to bulky. Once completed and powdercoated, a Rigid Industries LED lightbar was installed in front.

But Contreras wanted her Raptor to be more than just a pretty face; she wanted it to be off-road capable. To that end, she called up Icon Vehicle Dynamics and got one of their Stage 3 suspension systems. Consisting of a uniball-equipped upper control arm and reservoir-equipped coilover shocks in the front, the system adds some travel and a lot of control. In the rearend, an Icon bypass shock teams with a new Atlas spring. LGE*CTS Motorsports also reinforced the upper and lower shock mounts to ensure that there wouldn’t be any problems when charging hard through the desert.

Speaking of teaming, Toyo Open Country MT tires have been mounted on 20x10 BMF M-80 Stealth wheels that feature OMF beadlocks. The combination gives the Raptor all the form and function that Contreras wanted for her rig.

Another Icon item that improves the handling ability of the truck may not be readily apparent is the Icon Vehicle Dynamics Power Steering Solution or PSS. The billet reservoir is designed to reduce fluid foaming in the reservoir, and the cooler keeps the fluid cool even under hard driving.

And hard driving is what Contreras is looking for, even to the point that she added a Whipple supercharger to the 6.2L engine. It produces a huge power increase, which is helped by the addition of a CGS exhaust system and a cold air intake.

Contreras designed everything on her truck and that included the interior changes she made to the seats. She had Rogelio’s in Irwindale, California, re-cover the seats to her liking. The metal trim pieces she produced in house and painted some of the interior trim with a metal brush finish.

While this Raptor began as a design exercise that was going to SEMA, it was always known that once the show was over it was going to be Contreras’ personal truck. She is a big fan of driving hard in the desert and knew that while the Raptor was pretty capable as it came from Ford, there were improvements that needed to be made. And with her family’s long history of building custom trucks, she knew that they were not only capable of doing so, it was a chance for her to show off a little. And knowing the Morosans as we do, showing off is a family tradition.

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