Jimmy's 4x4 Single Seat Ultra4 - A Combined Effort - Masterpiece In Metal

    Loren Healy's Ultra4 Winning Rig

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    In motorsports, there’s an age-old question: Is it the driver or the vehicle that is most responsible for the win? We know what you’re thinking. Heck, every would-be competition driver thinks that “if only” they had what the winning driver has they too could be winning races.

    We’re here to say that while you could conceivably buy a car exactly like this one, Loren Healy’s Jimmy’s 4x4 Ultra4 single-seat car, we’re also betting that you couldn’t drive it like he can. With his wins during the 2014 Ultra4 season added to the total, Healy has become the winningest driver in that series history.

    As talented as Healy is, that doesn’t mean that this car isn’t a big part of the equation. Built by Jimmy’s 4x4 of Cortez, Colorado, it features a Jimmy’s 4x4 single-seat frame, onto which an Armada Engineering IFS front end has been fitted. Also used are Spidertrax Ultimate spindles and hubs and everything ends with a set of Wilwood calipers and Spidertrax Pro Series rotors. A Wilwood master cylinder is also used.

    Soaking up the bumps is done with a set of Pac Racing Springs–equipped King 2.0 coilover shocks and 3.0 King Bypass units.

    Healy and Jimmy’s figured that if it worked good up front, then it’ll work in the rear too, as the rear suspension consists once again of Armada Engineering components, this time long trailing arms onto which again came King 2.0 coilovers with Pac Racing Springs and 3.0 Bypass shocks. Again, Wilwood brakes and Spidertrax Pro Series rotors are in charge of halting the charge.

    In keeping with the all the same motif, the exact combination of 17-inch forged ATX wheels and 40-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers tires can be found. Balance is key, and Jimmy’s has strived to keep the front and rear of the race car as identical as possible so that the vehicle will react in a cohesive way. From watching Healy at the KOH, the strategy works.

    And from watching Healy in action powering his way around and away from the competition, it’s certain that the engine is doing its share. Power comes in the form of a 2014 Gearworks LS7. Sporting 450 ci and a compression ratio of 14.1, the engine has been enhanced with a FAST LS7 intake manifold and a Holley injection system.

    The ignition is also from Holley, while an Advanced Air air cleaner makes sure that the Johnson Valley dust doesn’t enter the engine. Exiting the spent fuel is done with Gearworks headers and a custom-built Dynomax exhaust system.

    All told, the engine produces 712 hp at 6,700 rpm and 625 lb-ft of torque at 4,850 rpm.

    Getting that horsepower to the Gearworks 10-inch rearend is done with a Gearworks-enhanced TurboHydro 400 transmission. The 10-inch features Gearworks 5.43 gears while Gearworks 1350 driveshafts make the final connection to the wheels. The TH400 is cooled with a large CBR transmission cooler.

    Cooling for Healy is thanks to the great outdoors rushing past, as creature comforts are few inside this car. The Twisted Stitch TS1 seat and PCI fresh air system supply what little there is. A Twisted Stitch harness keeps Healy safe and secure, while a PCI intercom and communications system keeps him securely in touch with his crew. Jimmy’s 4x4 handled all of the wiring chores found on the car.

    That’s not to say that there isn’t what is needed, however. A MOMO steering wheel gives Healy a good grip while the Jimmy’s 4x4 shifter allows for quick gear changes. A complement of Auto Meter Elite gauges makes checking on the engine easy while a Lowrance HDS 5 GPS keeps him on course.

    This car is made for one thing: going fast over huge obstacles. That doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t exhibit a little style. The Jimmy’s 4x4 aluminum body features a bright red covering thanks to the guys at Airgraphics of Farmington, New Mexico. When paired with all of Healy’s sponsor stickers, the result strikes fear into the heart of his competition.

    One of those sponsors is Rigid Industries, and the car features twin amber 10-inch LED bars mounted in the front push bar while a single 40-inch LED bar is in place over the front opening.

    It took the Jimmy’s 4x4 crew six months to build this single-seat Ultra4 car, but the results are in. Loren Healy dominated the 2014 Ultra4 championship series and, thanks to this car and his super-natural talent, looks to be the favorite in 2015.

    Build Sheet
    Jimmy’s 4x4 Single-Seat Ultra4
    Manufacturer: Jimmy’s 4x4
    Wheelbase: 122 inches
    Overall Length: 144 inches
    Overall Height: 70 inches
    Track Width: 91 inches
    Weight: 4,200 pounds

    Manufacturer: GM LS7
    Builder: Gearworks
    Horsepower: 712 at 6,700 rpm
    Torque: 625 at 4,850 rpm
    Induction: Holley Fuel Injection
    Ignition: Holley
    Air Cleaner: Advanced Air
    Exhaust: Dynomax
    Cooling: CBR
    Plumbing: Fragola
    Wiring: Jimmy’s 4x4

    Front Suspension: Armada Engineering IFS
    Rear Suspension: Armada Engineering

    Shocks/Front: King 2.0 coilovers and 3.0 Bypasses
    Shocks/Rear: King 2.0 coilovers and 3.0 Bypasses

    Front: Wilwood calipers, master cylinder, and Spidertrax Pro Series rotors
    Rear: Wilwood calipers, master cylinder, and Spidertrax Pro Series rotors.

    Wheels: 17-inch ATX Forged Slab wheels
    Tires: 40-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers

    Bodywork: Jimmy’s 4x4 Aluminum
    Paint/Graphics: Airgraphics

    Seats: Twisted Stitch TS1’s
    Steering Wheel: MOMO
    Dash: Jimmy’s 4x4 Aluminum
    Gauges: Auto Meter Elite
    Shifter: Winters
    GPS: Lowrance HDS 5
    Radio/Intercom:PCI Communications

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