Cummins-Powered 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser

Cummins-Powered Land Cruiser

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The downside of wheeling a rig on hardcore trails is that it can slowly destroy your pride and joy with every scrape and dent. Rather than scrap his project and start over, Chris Glass just keeps rebuilding his FJ40 Land Cruiser, making it better each time. Over the past 12 years those upgrades have included stretching the frame and body by 18 inches, adding 1-ton axles, and installing a built small-block Chevy. During his last round of upgrades, Chris ditched the V-8 in favor of a four-cylinder for better fuel economy.

This isn't just any four-cylinder though. The engine Chris chose was the mighty Cummins 4BT. Equipped with a modified fuel pump, larger injectors, and compound turbos, the engine makes far more torque than the small-block did—and gets double the fuel mileage. The end product makes short work of most trails and sounds awesome doing it. We have to confess that we were kind of hoping Chris would roll his Cruiser just so we can see what he comes up with in his garage next!

Power comes from a 4BT Cummins engine equipped with a modified VE pump and larger injectors. The engine was built by Douglas Machine with A1 head studs and DFI 5x0.014 SAC injectors. Owner Chris Glass built all the plumbing for the Hx30w/Hx35w compound turbos and huge front-mount intercooler. From there, power is routed to a TH400 transmission with a low-stall torque convertor and an Offroad Design Doubler.

The triangulated four-link suspension provides ample articulation, but it also generates a lot of bumpsteer with the crossover steering. Chris plans to add full hydro steering in the future to the Dana 60 front axle. It uses 4.88 gears; an ARB Air Locker; Yukon chromoly axleshafts and Super Joints; and Dynatrac Dynaloc hubs to live between the diesel engine and huge 44-inch Pit Bull Rockers.

The rear axle is a shaved Corporate 14-bolt with an Artec pinion guard. Behind the Crane diff cover, a set of 4.88 gears is bolted to the Detroit diff. Note the V-shaped fuel tank that was built by Jeremy Nordin to hold 21 gallons of diesel fuel and clear the differential at full compression.

The suspension consists of triangulated four-links with 2 1/2-inch-diameter, 14-inch-travel King coilovers front and rear. The front uses 300- over 400-lb/in springs, and the rear uses softer 250- over 350-lb/in ones. The links are constructed from 1 1/2x0.500-wall drill steel with 9/16-inch Rubicon Express joints and connect to a custom truss in front and an Artec truss in the back. The rear suspension also has a Speedway Engineering sway bar to add stability in off-camber situations.

Chris built his own rollcage for his stretched FJ40 from 1 3/4x0.120-wall tubing to protect his entire family. Junkyard Honda seats straddle a Tuffy console behind the B&M shifter for the TH400. Chris recently added AutoMeter gauges on the cage crossbar to monitor exhaust temperature, boost pressure, and transmission temperature to match the other AutoMeter gauges he had previously installed in the dash.

Tech Specs
1967 Toyota Land Cruiser
Engine: Cummins 4BT
Transmission: TH400 3-speed automatic
Transfer Case: Offroad Design Doubler with NP203 and NP205
Front Axle: Dana 60 with 4.88 gears, ARB Air Locker, Yukon chromoly axleshafts and Super Joints, and Dynatrac Dynaloc hubs
Rear Axle: Shaved Corporate 14-bolt with 4.88 gears and Detroit Locker
Springs & Such: Triangulated 4-link with King coilovers (front and rear)
Tires & Wheels: 44X1950-15LT Pit Bull Rockers on 15x12 steel rims with Twisted Metal rock rings
Steering: Crossover steering with AGR box, PSC pump, and industrial hydraulic assist ram
Other: Warn 8274 winch, custom fuel cell, AutoMeter gauges, Tuffy Security console

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