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2007 GMC Sierra - The Gray Lady

A Sierra Built With One Day In Mind

Matt EmeryPhotographer, Writer

As a Matco tools distributor in San Diego, Mason Taylor knows how to deliver tools, though it seems that he knows a thing or two about using them too!

But when he needed to install the Mazzulla suspension onto his 2007 GMC Sierra, what he needed was space. Luckily, one of the shops he serviced generously offered to let him use a bay (and maybe even some of the tools Taylor had sold them).

Taylor put the good luck to good use and though only working on the truck for a few hours after work during the week and on two consecutive Saturdays, he got the Mazzulla Offroad Long Travel Race kit on the front. To it, he used killer King 2.5x10-inch coil overs (Pre Runner series) and 3.0x10-inch Race Series three-tube bypass shocks. The King coil overs have been equipped with Eibach springs and the front brakes are stock at this point.

For the rear Taylor used a Mazzulla shackle and hanger kit to hang the Deaver U-182 rear springs, but it was King again for the shocks, as a set of 2.5x16-inch, Pre Runner series three-tube bypass are used as are a set of King 2.0x2.5-inch bump stops. This time though, the rear brakes are Wilwood Super Lite’s that utilize 4 piston calipers and 12-inch Wilwood rotors.

Why the Wilwoods out back? Well, that’s because they go with the beautiful Camburg Racing full floater rearend. It has .2.25-inch Camburg hubs, 35-spline axles and the Currie Enterprises 9+ third member has been fitted with a Detroit locker and Yukon Gear 4.86 gears. The driveshaft work done by Ocean Side Driveline. The system is perfect for the GMC and will take years of abuse and give miles of performance.

That goes for the combination of 37-inch BFG Baja Project T/A’s and17x9-inch Method Double Standard wheels. They’ve been mated on many a race winner, and work with the Mazzulla suspension to give the Sierra true off-road capabilities.

Giving space for those large tires is the Fiberwerx fiberglass front fenders with valence, and rear bedsides. Nothing says form and function like Fiberwerx. The crew at California Auto Body color-matched the extra cab, but they had also been lined by National City CA. based San Diego Line-X to give them additional rigidity and toughness against those flying rocks. And, it just looks nice.

Richer Racing of Ocean Side CA fabricated the front bumper and skid plate, while the bed cage was done at CWF Offroad in La Habra CA. The front bumper holds a Baja Designs OnX 30-inch LED light bar and two amber-lensed Squadron Pro’s face to the rear. The bed cage, as well as the bed, was also Line-X’d by the crew at San Diego Line-X.

The rest of the GMC is fairly stock. The 4.8L engine has been upgraded with a K&N air filer system and the exhaust now has a Magnaflow CAT back-back unit. Sure, Taylor says he’d like more horsepower, but he also likes the reliability aspect of it. He did mount a Fluidyne double pass trans cooler to the bed cage to keep the GM 4l60e transmission alive.

Another “stock is not all bad” situation is with the interior. But in this case, Taylor has plans for a full interior roll cage and some better, suspension type seats. “One day,” he says.

A few more of those one day items are a Rugged Radios 50watt communications system, complete with head sets, and a real GPS unit. Currently Taylor is using a Lead Nav Systems app for the IOS system ran on an Iphone6 plus and Apple IPad with Dual Blue tooth GPS receiver.

As with every build, the 33 year old Taylor says that this GMC Sierra has a few more upgrades, but we think that he’s doing this build right. He started with the most important things first and we have no doubt that, one day, this Sierra will be to the point that Taylor dreams of.

Built with performance, reliability and yes, some style, this GMC Sierra xtra-cab has everything it needs for long, fun weekends out on the trail.

A Mazzulla Long Travel front suspension system mates with Eibach springs equipped King 2.5x10-inch coil overs (Pre Runner series) and 3.0x10-inch Race Series three-tube bypass shocks.

The 17x9-inch Method Double Standard wheels have been shod with 37-inch BFG Baja Project T/A tires.

Fiberwerx fiberglass front and rear fenders give the 37’s plenty of room to swing.

The Richer Racing front bumper/skid plate holds a Baja Designs OnX 30-inch LED light bar.

Looking like something that Lawrence of Arabia should have driven, the GMC is a beauty that can handle any terrain.

There seems to be room for everything needed here for a long ride. The crew at San Diego Line-X sprayed the bed and CWF Offroad built bed cage, while two amber-lensed Baja Designs Squadron Pro’s make sure that the GMC is seen.

Bolted to the bed cage are the King 2.5x16-inch, Pre Runner series three-tube bypass shocks.

The Camburg Racing full floater rearend is held aloft with Deaver springs and boasts a Currie Enterprises 9+ third member. King shocks and a set of King 2.0x2.5-inch bump stops provide the plush.

The plans for the interior include a full cage and suspension seats. Right now, it’s pretty stock.

Providing the GPS info is a smart phone and a cool app.

Reliability is important with this owner, so the engine is stock with the exception of a K&N air filter and Magnaflow cat-bat system.