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Jeep Is Not a Dirty Word

Four letter words are generally thought of in a negative manner. In fact, there are probably many 4x4 guys and girls that think Jeep is one of those words. But to those of you who know the way, the light, and the reality of Jeepdom understand that not everyone can handle being a part of that community. And that's what Jeep is: a movement, a lifestyle, a religion of sorts, and of course, a simple way to spend your hard-earned cash. The Jeep is far more than an incredible vehicle born in Butler and raised on the battlefield of WWII. That's just the basis that created a phenomenon that has lasted more than 75 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

What other vehicle has even changed the English language, much less the course of history? Jeep, jeeping, jeeper, and the like. I've never hear anyone say "I'm a Bronco-er going Bronco-ing in my Bronco." Nope. Never happened. Of course, the lawyers at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles don’t like any rendition of the word Jeep. In fact, they go as far as to mandate ad verbiage to say “Jeep brand vehicles,” instead of saying “Jeep vehicles.” We understand that protecting a brand is important, but that’s just being a little nuts. Years ago, the USGS topographical maps had JEEP TRAIL proudly emblazoned on the small dashed line going over hill and dale, far away from the red lines or even the double dashed. However, back in the ’80s when the Germans gained control of the Jeep brand, the DCX (Daimler Chrysler) crew demanded those references be removed. That action may have protected the Jeep brand, but it lost valuable free advertising in the process. At that time there was no GPS alternative, and the topographical map was a bible in the outback.

Of course, you will see that Jp is a flagrant user of that four-letter word and all of its non-allowable incantations and incarnations. Taking the word Jeep from the people that invented it may work in the boardroom but not the real world. What we don’t do is use the word Jeep to identify any other 4x4, such as a Blazer, Bronco, Scout, etc. Any Jeeper knows how important that is, regardless of where in this world you or your Jeep was produced. Whether or not you have a Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, or any other iteration of the marquee, we know that a Jeep is still a Jeep, and that’s not a swear word. It may be a dirty word, but after all, it is a Jeep!