Nothing Is the Norm on This Toyota V-8–powered Right-Hand-Drive Samurai

    My-Sami Vice

    Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

    “Essentially a metric flatfender”

    Suzuki Samurais makes excellent wheeling platforms. Their lightweight and small size make them essentially a metric flatfender. But while people have been shoving V-8s into flatfenders for decades now, you rarely see one in a Samurai. The thing about Jeff Clibon’s Samurai is that the V-8 engine isn’t even the most unique aspect of it. And he is running a Toyota 1UZ engine, not your run-of-the-mill small-block Chevy.

    This Samurai also has 1-ton axles, 42-inch BFG Krawlers, and coilover and bypass shocks at each corner. Oh, and did we mention that it is right-hand drive? “I wanted something different,” Clibon explains. “The right-hand drive gives a different perspective on the trail and makes things more interesting.” If different was the goal, we would have to say that mission accomplished.

    Tech Specs

    1988 Suzuki Samurai

    Engine: Toyota 4.0L V-8
    Transmission: Aisin AW4
    Transfer Case: Advance Adapters Atlas II
    Front Axle: Dana 60 with 4.56 gears, full spool, 300M axleshafts
    Rear Axle: Corporate 14-bolt with 4.56 gears, full spool

    Springs & Such: Triangulated 4-link with King coilovers and bypass shocks (front and rear)
    Tires & Wheels: 42x14.50R20 BFGoodrich Krawler KX on 20x9.50 TrailReady HD beadlock
    Steering: PSC full hydraulic steering
    Other Stuff: Smittybilt X20 winch, M4O shifter, aluminum radiator, Beard RZR seats, Dragon Fire harnesses, Optima YellowTop battery, custom 1.75x0.120-wall DOM cage