Trail’s End: Dusting Off Rusty Trusty Tricks and Fixes

Trail’s End

Four-wheelers are problem solvers. Sometimes that means choosing the best way to scrape our way through that sketchy line on the trail, other times we find ourselves scratching our skulls, puzzling over how to fix the part that is now dangling from our rig’s underside. Either way, we are professionals in this field, and have been for decades.

Back in the ’90s, Four Wheeler featured reader-submitted penny-pinching tricks, which we titled “Cheap Tricks.” We recently found ourselves in the archives closet chuckling at the innovative, borderline impractical, and sometimes outdated ways wheelers of the past have solved problems both in the garage and on the trail. We picked some that might make you laugh and couple that might stand the test of time and still be useful.

Now we ask you, the ingenious reader, to tell us about your unconventional, comical, or unheard-of fixes and tricks. Send ’em to and include a high-resolution photo of each. If we get enough submissions we’ll feature some of them in an upcoming story!