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Sideways Readers’ Vehicles


Tori TellemWriterReadersPhotographer

ALERT: Send us your family-vacation-in-a-Jeep experience, especially if it’s vintage or parked in front of a monument or noteworthy thingy (whatever you come across during your travels). We also want to see the usual fare: Rather than the same built rides that we put in Readers’ Rigs, Sideways is all about your military Jeep experience, your sunk/stuck/rolled Jeep experience, family experience with a Jeep, or other personal history in which a Jeep played a part. We want to see and hear, so send us a high-resolution pic and don’t forget the most important parts of all—tell us who is in the photo (first and last name), where it was taken, what year/type of Jeep, and the fun backstory info. And tell us who you are and where you’re from if you’re not the one in the photo. Make sure the photo is JPG (maximum quality), BMP, or TIFF file at 1,600 by 2,000 pixels (around 2 megapixels or the original size from your phone/device). No PDFs or other formats. Email the photo and story to jpeditor@jpmagazine.com with the subject line “Sideways.”


The Lawn Way Home
We don’t always need the backstory to be in full awe of a Sideways submission. Like with this one, courtesy of Seth LaRiviere. But here it goes anyway, and it’s just as good as we imagined: “This was my grandmother’s doing in the late summer of 1969,” Seth explained. “She was maneuvering the FC to place a load of river rock in the front yard when a high center of gravity took control. Minimal damage and no injuries make this a family-favorite story for almost 50 years!”


And Then Right After This Pic Was Taken…
This is Rick Fisher in Eagle Canyon under I-70, 40 miles west of Green Valley, Colorado, sharing screen time with his ’03 Wrangler Rubicon, “heavily modified for western rockcrawling in CO, AZ, CA, and UT.” But a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Or in this case, more like 76 words, as it was while driving out of the canyon that adventure happened. “The steering box separated from the frame, making it uncontrollable. Fortunately, we avoided a night on the trail by using a cell phone to call for help. Do not travel alone like we did. Because of culverts, there was no way to get a tow truck to it. I managed to get one bolt replaced and gingerly drove it to the nearest ramp onto the interstate. We were able to trailer it home to Los Angeles.”


Dirt First-Timers
Pat and Sherri Soffe attended their first Jp Dirt ’N Drive event in 2017 in their ’01 Jeep Cherokee. Ray “Doc” Moffat snapped this action on Milt’s Mile in Sand Hollow. Said Pat, “Word to the wise: Listen to your spotter!”


Jeep Genetics
“This is a picture of my dad, Chief Petty Officer Joe de Kehoe HMCM USN, taken in New Caledonia in 1943,” wrote his son, Joe. “He served as a corpsman in the Pacific during World War II, including such garden spots as Saipan, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima. This was probably the start of a family Jeep tradition, because we have owned nine Jeeps since and my son is on his third.”