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Jp Reader Letters to the Editor


Rival Waving

I'm new to the Jeep thing and only just found out about the Jeep wave. It’s cool.
I now wave to all oncoming Jeeps. However, I'm an old Harley rider and I wish to let you know about the biker wave. The reason that it’s below the tank is that it could be mistaken for a rival club sign. I love the mag and have a subscription already.

Deage H.
Via email

Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about throwing gang signs to a rival Jeep club, at least not yet. Many folks still do the Jeep wave and get irritated when they don’t get a wave back. It’s often mistaken as people being snobby, when the fact of the matter is that like yourself, they were simply unaware the Jeep wave was a thing. So wave away!

Uprooted Wave

Regarding Trail Head (Feb. ’18), I grew up in Southern California knowing about the Jeep wave in the ’70s when vans were the thing. I’d ask my dad who he was waving to. He’d tell me that it was someone cool driving a van. I moved to the Midwest a few years ago. Now I am that cool old dude from California. I ride a dual-sport Husqvarna and drive my ’75 CJ-5 with a badass AMC 304 V-8 that will hop the front end off the ground in Second gear. I’m in a small town where there are a lot of newer Jeeps and everyone waves. I was just talking to my girlfriend about the Jeep wave when she asked the same question I did in the ’70s. Your editorial helped backed me up. She is always a little skeptical about the things I tell her. Thanks for your Jeep support.

Todd Laducer
Via email

Moab Winter Adventure

I'm writing to you after reading the January ’18 issue. I love the magazine! I am currently deployed out of the USA and it gives me something to do in my off time. I am 44 years old and have always wanted a Jeep, so much so that I have purchased one in Washington over the Internet. What could go wrong? It’s a ’06 TJ with a 4.0L, six-speed manual transmission, and a soft top with hard doors. I’m gonna freeze my butt off! I'll be home in January to road trip it home. I don't know anyone who has been to Moab, Utah, in January and it is on my list of must-see places. Are the trails open the last week of January and are they passable in a stock Jeep? Of course I have many other places to see on the road trip back to Minnesota. I will be sending pics to Sideways when I get back.

Brent R. Ornes
Via email

Moab, Utah, in January can be a lot of fun. There are many trails in Moab that a stock Jeep can traverse, even in winter. All of the trails should be open unless there is some sort of short-term flooding or too much snow, which isn’t very likely. Snow doesn’t get too deep or stick around long in Moab, regardless of the time of year. However, you may find shaded icy patches on the slickrock that remain for several weeks. If you can, avoid ice on the slickrock, especially on trails with climbs, descents, and sidehills. Nearly all of Fins ’N Things, Porcupine, and Behind the Rocks trails get enough sun to melt any recent snow and ice. If you are feeling more adventurous, check out Poison Spider. Most of Hell’s Revenge should be clear, but there are a few shady spots that could be dangerously icy depending on recent weather conditions. Find a buddy or group in town to travel off-road with if you can. You’ll be less likely to get lost and you’ll have help available if you need it.

Jp Insider

The Dispatch column is one of my favorite parts of the magazine, even if you do report on Sergio Marchionne and Great Wall Motor Company potentially buying Jeep. Seriously, I feel like an industry insider every month. Keep it coming.

Noel Park
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Jeep Living

I have been daily driving (and fixing) Jeeps more than half my life. The Jeep has taken me to some pretty awesome places, left me stranded a time or two, and has introduced me to some of the finest people that I know. I learned most of what I know mechanically from working on a Jeep with my dad. My wife and I went on our first date in a Jeep. Our only child came home from the hospital in a Jeep. His first vehicle will undoubtedly be a Jeep. A business that my wife and I have created (CartoTracks) relies heavily on a Jeep to do the work and advertise. The people that use our CartoTracks maps to not get lost are bouncing through their own Jeep life. Are we living it? I would say so. If you’re new, welcome.

Jake White
Via facebook.com/jpmag