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Factory Authorized: We Get Some Snowy Seat Time With Nissan’s Lifted Titan

Factory Authorized

Jered KorfhagePhotographer, Writer

Fans of the Nissan Titan looking to boost ground clearance and curb appeal, listen up! Nissan and ICON Vehicle Dynamics have joined forces to create a factory-authorized suspension lift kit for select models of the Titan and Titan XD fullsize pickup trucks—and we got to test it out in the snow.

We headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, not for skiing, but to check out some of Nissan’s impressive fleet, including the Titan, which was loaded with the new ICON suspension lift kit and General Grabber X3 tires. The adjustable coilovers in the front and 2-inch rear shocks had no problem absorbing the rough stuff when we turned onto the snowy trails, and were stable and capable on the winding mountain highways.

Two separate kits were tuned and developed specifically for the weight and geometry of the Titan and the Titan XD. Along with the adjustable-height coilover shock absorbers, the kit includes custom rod-end bearings, upper control arms, and ICON’s signature greaseable Delta Joints.

Nissan told us that when this suspension lift kit is installed by the dealership it will not void the 5-year/100,000-mile factory warranty. Also, since the kit is entirely bolt-on, it can be removed and the vehicle can be returned to stock. Expect this ICON lift kit to be available at Nissan dealerships near the end of May 2018.

Snow Patrol and Snow Tracks

The lifted Titan wasn’t the only vehicle Nissan gave us the thumbs-up to drive. The company also offered up the cool Snow Patrol Armada and the unique (and fun!) tracked 370Z.