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Suspending Disbelief: We Raise The Bar and Your 4x4 With 35 Lift Kits

Suspending Disbelief

Most 4x4s will need a suspension upgrade at some point during their service. Whether it’s time to step up in tire size or the stock components just don’t quite eat up the bumpy stuff like they used to, you might be asking whether it’s the time to add on that long-arm kit you’ve always dreamed about—or does it make more sense to only replace worn-out parts? The answers to those questions depend on your vehicle, budget, and wheeling expectations. We hope we can make your decision easier. Read on for 35 suspension kits ranging from shock and spring replacements to complete suspension conversions.

AEV Ram 1500 Dual Sport 3-inch Suspension System
Lift Lines: This kit retains stock coil springs but adds Bilstein 5100 series shocks and struts along with AEV Low Profile tie-rod ends.
Also Hot: Dual Sport 3-inch Suspension System for 2014-and-up Ram 2500/3500 trucks.
For More: aev-conversions.com

Skyjacker 3.5- to 4-inch JL Wrangler Suspension System
Lift Lines: Designed specifically for the new JL Wrangler, this system features front and rear dual-rate long-travel coil springs, an adjustable high-angle track bar, Black MAX or M95 monotube long-travel shocks, and more.
Also Hot: 6-inch LeDuc coilover springs for ’17-’18 F-250 trucks.
For More: skyjacker.com

Old Man Emu JK Wrangler 4-inch Kit
Lift Lines: Old Man Emu gives you what you need to lift your JK Wrangler 4 inches with BP-51 shocks, linear-rate springs, an adjustable track bar, and more.
Also Hot: 4-inch lift kit for ’08-’10 F-250/350 trucks.
For More: store.arbusa.com

Rancho JL Wrangler 2-inch Suspension System
Lift Lines: Bolt this Rancho kit onto your JL Wrangler and get ready for the dirt. The kit comes with Dynamic Rebound Spring technology, progressive-rate coil springs, 2-inch bumpstop extensions, and more. It is said to accommodate up to 35-inch tires.
Also Hot: Rancho 4.5-inch Suspension System for ’15-’18 Ford F-150 trucks.
For More: gorancho.com

True Travel Dynamics Ford Ranger Long-Travel Kit
Lift Lines: Give your ’98-’11 Ford Ranger the suspension travel it deserves with a kit from True Travel Dynamics. This kit features boxed and braced upper and lower control arms with uniballs, stainless steel tie-rod extensions, fully lubricated upper shock mounts, and it is said to eliminate the need for a factory torsion bar for off-road ride quality.
Also Hot: Uniball upper control arms for the ’05-’17 Toyota Tacoma.
For More: truetraveldynamics.com

Rusty’s Off-Road Products JL Wrangler 2.5-inch Lift System
Lift Lines: With RX800 monotube shocks, adjustable track bars, and Rusty’s Forged Flex Joints, the 2.5-inch lift kit shown on the JL Wrangler here is said to improve the suspension travel, articulation, and look of your Jeep.
Also Hot: 5.5-inch long-travel ZJ Grand Cherokee kit.
For More: rustysoffroad.com

EVO Manufacturing Double D Pro Coilover Kit
Lift Lines: Convert your JK Wrangler’s coil and shock system to coilover springs and unlock up to what EVO claims to be 12 inches of wheel travel. Includes EVO Manufacturing’s bolt-on coilovers, long-arm upgrade system, drag link flip kit, and more.
Also Hot: 2.5-inch JL Wrangler Boost Stage 4 suspension system.
For More: offroadevolution.com

TeraFlex Alpine CT6 JK Wrangler Suspension System
Lift Lines: Complete with Falcon shocks, a heavy-duty drag link flip kit, adjustable long flex arms, and more, this kit lifts JK Wranglers by six inches and maintains steering geometry to eliminate shakes and wobbles.
Also Hot: TeraFlex Alpine CT3 Suspension System for JK Wranglers.
For More: teraflex.com

ICON Vehicle Dynamics Toyota Tacoma RXT Rear Suspension System
Lift Lines: After logging 1,000 miles of dirt testing, ICON released a kit that claims a 20 percent increase in wheel travel and the option to adjust the leaf spring rate for various vehicle setups. The kit includes hydraulic rear bumpstops, ICON RXT rear shocks, multi-rate leaf springs, and more.
Also Hot: Look out for the ICON 2.5-inch suspension kit for the JL Wrangler.
For More: iconvehicledynamics.com

Fabtech JL Wrangler 3-inch Sport System
Lift Lines: Achieve 3 inches of lift on your new JL Wrangler with dual-rate springs, bumpstop extensions, sway bar links, and a track bar relocation bracket.
Also Hot: Watch for Fabtech’s short- and long-arm lift kits for the JL Wrangler.
For More: fabtechmotorsports.com

Superlift ’11-’18 Chevy Silverado 6-inch Lift Kit
Lift Lines: Also compatible with GMC Sierra 2500/3500HD models, this kit features Superide shocks, steering knuckles, crossmembers, and more. The kit is said to make room for 35- to 37-inch tires and fits two- and four-wheel-drive trucks.
Also Hot: Check out Superlift’s 2.5-inch JL Wrangler kit.
For More: superlift.com

Zone Offroad Products 3.5-inch Adventure Series Upper Control Arm Kit
Lift Lines: This kit is said to clear 37-inch tires and increase the ride quality of your ’07-’18 Chevy/GMC 1500 truck. The kit includes Adventure Series upper control arms, strut spacers, a front skidplate, Fox 2.0 shocks, and more.
Also Hot: ’05-’18 Ford Super Duty 6-inch radius arm system.
For More: zoneoffroad.com

Tuff Country ’15-’18 Ford F-150 3-inch Lift Kit
Lift Lines: Tuff Country says you can stuff up to 35-inch tires under your F-150 with this kit. It features 2-inch rear add-a-leaf springs, upper control arms, spacers, and more.
Also Hot: ’05-’18 Toyota Tacoma 4-inch Uniball Lift Kit.
For More: tuffcountry.com

BDS Suspension JL Wrangler 3-inch Lift Kit
Lift Lines: Featuring dual-rate coil springs, front and rear sway bar disconnects, a heavy-duty adjustable track bar, and optional Fox 2.0 Performance Series shocks, this kit is said to clear 37-inch tires and increase suspension travel on your JL Wrangler.
Also Hot: 6.5-inch Coilover Conversion Kit for ’11-’18 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500HD trucks.
For More: bds-suspension.com

Rugged Ridge JK Wrangler 4-inch Lift Kit
Lift Lines: The coil springs on this kit are set to factory spring rates and crafted from hot-rolled 5/8-inch bars for a predictable ride quality. The kit includes sway bar disconnects, a rear track bar brace, over-strengthened control arms, and more.
Also Hot: ’07-’18 JK Wrangler 1.75-inch spacer lift kit.
For More: ruggedridge.com

MaxTrac MaxPro Elite Signature Series F-250/350 6-inch Lift Kit
Lift Lines: Jack your ’17-’18 Ford F-250/350 up to 6 inches skyward with this kit from MaxTrac. Features include linear-rate coil springs, anodized link arms, and optional Fox 2.0 shocks. The 6-inch kit is said to clear up to 38-inch tires.
Also Hot: ’07-current Toyota Tundra 6-inch lift kit.
For More: maxtracsuspension.com

Toytec BOSS Suspension System
Lift Lines: Designed for third- to fifth-gen Toyota 4Runners and up to third-gen Toyota Tacomas, this kit includes front coilovers adjustable for up to 3 inches of lift, rear shocks, rear springs, and more.
Also Hot: This kit fits up to second-gen Toyota Tundras.
For More: toyteclifts.com

JKS JL Wrangler 3-inch Jspec Lift Kit
Lift Lines: With Fox 2.0 Adventure Series shocks, an adjustable track bar, bumpstop extensions, sway bar disconnects, dual-rate coil springs, and more, this kit is said to make enough space under the JL to fit 37-inch tires.
Also Hot: J Konnect System for ’07-’18 JK Wranglers.
For More: jksmfg.com

CST Performance Suspension S.T.L. High-Clearance Stage 1 Lift Kit
Lift Lines: This kit is adjustable from 3 to 6 inches of lift for ’11-’18 Chevy and GMC 25000HD trucks, maintains stock ride and handling characteristics, and gives you the ability to reuse your stock shocks.
Also Hot: The Stage 3 version of this kit is adjustable for 8 to 10 inches of lift.
For More: cstsuspension.com

JD Fabrication Chevy Long Travel Kit
Lift Lines: Boost the suspension travel on your ’99-’06 Chevy Silverado 1500 with custom 10-gauge upper and lower A-arms, limiting straps, Grade 8 hardware, and everything else you need to run coilover shocks (coilovers not included).
Also Hot: Front Suspension Kit for ’95-’04 Toyota Tacoma trucks.
For More: jdfabrication.com

Energy Suspension Polyurethane JK Wrangler Body Mount Kit
Lift Lines: Replace those cracked and dusty rubber body mounts with something shiny and red from Energy Suspension. These red mounts are said to be stronger and deliver a smoother ride than their rubber counterparts.
Also Hot: Energy Suspension also offers body mount kits for late-model Ford Super Duty pickups.
For More: energysuspension.com

Full-Traction Four-Link Frontend Conversion Kit
Lift Lines: Want to customize the lift height of your Super Duty and still choose your own shocks? Full-Traction gives you that freedom with all you need to go from leaf springs to coilovers. The kit includes a sway bar, accepts many common coilover springs, and is said to be entirely bolt-on.
Also Hot: Check out the four-link conversion kit for the Ford Excursion.
For More: full-traction.com

Synergy Manufacturing JL Wrangler Stage 2.5 Suspension System
Lift Lines: This kit is said to make room under JL Rubicon Wranglers for 37-inch tires and provide enough clearance for all other JL trim levels to clear 35-inch tires. Compatible with two- and four-door JL Wranglers.
Also Hot: Stage 4 Suspension System for the JKU Wrangler.
For More: synergymfg.com

Carli Suspension Ford Super Duty Leveling System
Lift Lines: Correct that “stinkbug” look of your truck by installing this leveling system from Carli Suspension. It is said to deliver 50 percent more front suspension travel over stock, all without breaking your budget. The kit includes leveling coils, Fox 2.0 IFP shocks, a sway bar drop bracket, and more.
Also Hot: Carli Suspension lift and leveling kits for Ram trucks.
For More: carlisuspension.com

Offroad Design Complete Lift System
Lift Lines: The kit pictured here is designed to lift solid-axle ’69-‘91 GM trucks four inches and features the custom multi-leaf packs with military-wrapped eyes for which Offroad Design is known, premium shocks, extended brake lines, and more.
Also Hot: Offroad Design offers solid axle swap kits using the same custom multi-leaf spring technology to lift ’88-’10 GM trucks.
For More: offroaddesign.com

Cognito Motorsports GM 7- to 9-inch Lift System
Lift Lines: Raise your ’11-or-newer GM 2500/3500 truck with Cognito Motorsports’ kit, adjustable for 7 to 9 inches of lift. The kit features a drop-spindle design, 7-inch front differential drop, and is said to accommodate 35- to 37-inch tires with proper wheel backspacing.
Also Hot: Leveling kits for the ’04-’08 Ford F-150.
For More: cognitomotorsports.com

Traxda ’14-’18 Ram Power Wagon Front Lift Kit
Lift Lines: Traxda offers a kit with spacers, shock extenders, radius arm drop brackets, an adjustable front track bar, and more to lift the front of your Power Wagon.
Also Hot: 3.5-inch front and 2-inch rear lift kit for the ’14 Ram 2500.
For More: traxda.com

Rock Krawler JKU 4.5 Trail Gunner Suspension System
Lift Lines: This kit includes everything you need to turn your JK Wrangler into a “rock krawling” machine. Features include an independent three-link conversion in the front and rear, a high-steer upgrade, and much, much more. The Trail Gunner system claims to let up to 40-inch tires flex when combined with flat fenders and correct backspacing.
Also Hot: JL Wrangler 3.5-inch X Factor Mid Arm system.
For More: rockkrawler.com

ReadyLIFT JL Wrangler 2.5-inch SST Lift Kit
Lift Lines: Available for the Rubicon trim levels, this kit features laser-cut coil spring spacers, shock extensions, extended sway bar links, and bumpstop extensions to enhance the look and function of the JL Wrangler.
Also Hot: 2.5-inch SST kit for Sahara and Sport trim levels on the JL Wrangler.
For More: readylift.com

Rubicon Express JL Wrangler 2.5-inch Suspension Kit
Lift Lines: The coil springs, 2.5 shocks, control arms, bumpstop extensions, and more, all combine to lift your JL Wrangler by 2.5 inches while still maintaining the factory handling experience.
Also Hot: ’07-’18 JK Wrangler 3.5-inch Sport Kit.
For More: rubiconexpress.com

Pro Comp 6-inch Stage II Lift Kit
Lift Lines: Lift your ’17-and-up Ford F-250 or F-350 with race-inspired radius arms, replacement coil springs, front and rear shocks, and more.
Also Hot: ’15-and-up Chevy Colorado 5-inch lift kit.
For More: procompusa.com

Trail Master 6-inch Knuckle Suspension Lift Kit
Lift Lines: This kit comes with high-clearance crossmembers, nitrogen gas–charged shocks, steel spacers, and more. Fits ’14-’18 GM 1500 trucks.
Also Hot: ’15-’18 Ford F-150 6-inch Knuckle Suspension lift kit.
For More: trailmastersuspension.com

TNT Customs Long-Arm Upgrade Rock Tek High Clearance Kit
Lift Lines: Give your ’97-’06 TJ Wrangler long arms! This kit includes Y-link high-clearance front arms, a 1/4-inch steel center skidplate, a dual-triangulated rear link system, and more.
Also Hot: Adjsutable track bar for ’07-’18 JK Wranglers.
For More: tntcustoms.com

Daystar JK Wrangler Combo 4-inch Lift Kit
Lift Lines: With a 3-inch spacer lift and a 1-inch body lift, and Scorpion shocks, your JK Wrangler will give you a more comfortable ride than ever.
Also Hot: 2-inch spacer lift for the JL Wrangler.
For More: daystarweb.com