Check Out These Cool Tips & Tricks for Your 4x4

Cool Ideas We Saw at EJS 2018

Verne SimonsPhotographer, WriterChristian HazelPhotographer

Working for Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road, as you can imagine, has many perks. The tedious and unpleasant aspects that are part of any job are more than made up for when we get to test new off-road vehicles and parts like tires, shocks, and transfer cases. But probably our favorite perk of this job is getting paid to spend time on the trail. We are enthusiasts first and automotive journalists second. We love it, and we occasionally have to remind ourselves that we are at work and remember to take pictures when something cool happens.

One thing we almost always do when on the trail or even at the trailhead is spend time checking out other off-road rigs. It’s a great way to borrow (steal) great ideas that other people have come up with. Whether it’s a new way to mount spares, a new tool, or adding storage, we love looking at other people’s rigs when we’re out in the dirt. It’s also a great way to pass time in a traffic jam. Here are some of the good trail tips we’ve stumbled across.